Transforming Customer Success Content Into Marketing Gold

Fuel business growth with a cross-functional content strategy

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Too often, Content Marketing and Customer Success teams in organizations work apart, siloed, never sharing their knowledge.

Yet their goals are actually remarkably similar. Both help prospects and customers get more value out of your tools and services, and be more successful at work.

That’s why cross-functional collaboration is a must for businesses who put content at the core of interactions with these audiences.

Our new ebook will inspire you to reach out to CS today—and tap into a sustainable content goldmine!

  • Learn the marketing value of repurposing customer success content to improve the customer experience throughout the marketing lifecycle.
  • Learn 3 ways Customer Success and Content Marketing can work together from using a consistent brand voice to sharing a joint communications calendar.
  • Learn how to repurpose customer success content for marketing campaigns by going on a “customer listening tour” and leveraging data-driven insight at every stop.