Performing a Content Audit

How to Do Better Content Marketing

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Traffic to user engagement, SEO to subject matter… which content of yours is under- or overperforming? And why? 

A content audit can tell you. It’s the process of measuring and analyzing the performance (good and bad) of content that lives on your website—such as landing pages, resources, and blog posts—over a given time period. 

Not just an inventory of your existing content, a content audit is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of your content based on key performance indicators (KPIs) from multiple data sources.

Performing a content audit helps you:

  • Learn what topics resonate best with your audience so you can optimize future engagement.
  • Identify weak performing or older content that needs to be retired, refreshed, or evergreened.
  • Make data-informed decisions when building your content strategy or asking for more budget.

Every business can benefit from a content audit. It’s an effective way to discover weak spots on your site, understand how your content is performing, and identify ways to improve your overall web experience. 

Our new guide, the fourth in our How to Do Better Content Marketing series, even gives you a handy content audit checklist template to get started.