Understanding Your Target Audience

How to Do Better Content Marketing

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Without knowing why customers buy your product, how they find out about your company, and what language resonates with them, it’s impossible to create compelling, repeatable content that turns mere readers into customers. 

This guide, the second in our How to Do Better Content Marketing series, will show you how to go deeper than 15 minutes of Google research to identify, understand, and define your target audience.

You’ll learn the value of:

  • Analyzing your own customer data and prioritizing content analytics—a gold mine of intelligence into what your audience cares about and the content they prefer engaging with.
  • Researching competitors, studying industry trends and topics, prioritizing keyword research, and performing social listening—to understand your target audience’s pain points, challenges, and desired outcomes.
  • Sharpening your customer focus with demographics and psychographics to define ideal customer personas (ICP)—key to developing a repeatable playbook for creating effective content.

Get a framework for crafting content that provides value, creates trust, and gives your potential buyers a reason to spend their money with you over your competitors.  

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