A Strategic Guide to Content Marketing for Business Growth

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At its heart, content marketing is the art of helping your audience be smarter and better at their job, in a way that also benefits your business. By cultivating a conversation and a relationship with that audience, a business stands out, delivers value, and builds trust

In the digital world, content marketing—everything from blogs, guides, and newsletters to email, webinars, and video—is simply the best way to nurture leads, engender customer loyalty, and build brand reputation

But how do you get started or ramp up your existing content marketing efforts to win more loyal customers who expect sophisticated, multi-channel digital experiences with your brand?

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up an effective growth content marketing team
  • Publish content on the channels that matter to your audience
  • Match your content to your visitors needs and deliver value regardless where they are in their customer journey.
  • Drive more qualified leads and conversions
  • Turn site visitors into brand advocates
  • Improve cross-department communications
  • Position your content marketing for business growth
  • Unite an agile content management system (CMS) and content analytics to support your content marketing strategy

From strategy and research to creation, editing and analysis, we’ll also show you why content marketing is truly a team sport—plus the key roles that play a part in any content strategy’s success.