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Put content at the core

Every step of your customer journey—attract, convert, retain, expand, and scale—relies on content. Building a meaningful digital customer experience is impossible without timely, relevant content.

Existing solutions can’t keep up. Cumbersome and expensive to deploy and maintain, they create friction in the content production process—and lack insights into content performance. WordPress VIP enables the agile content marketing they can’t.

Build more content for more segments

In today’s digital landscape, organizations with the best content win. To gain a competitive edge, organizations need to rapidly scale their content programs.

With its ease of use, WordPress VIP’s agile CMS democratizes the production of content. Marketing teams can activate hundreds or thousands of content producers with little or no training required.

“In general, we get people up to speed in about an hour or two, which is amazing. That is the beauty of WordPress.”

David “Hos” Hostetter, Digital CTO, Al Jazeera Media Network

Activate your content across channels

Today’s organizations distribute content on average across 5.2 channels, ranging from websites, social, and email to mobile and more. To succeed, organizations must prepare for channel growth and measure success across channels.

WordPress VIP empowers omnichannel marketing by keeping you ahead of channel proliferation. Because WordPress powers over 40% of the web, it is typically the first platform supported by new technologies.

“We recently relaunched our blog on WordPress VIP, and also our email newsletter. With both, we’re seeing time spent get deeper and deeper.”

Hayley Nelson, VP Content Marketing, Salesforce

Measure your content’s performance

Only about half of organizations today understand how content impacts real business performance. This makes it increasingly challenging to plan content and justify further content investment.

WordPress VIP’s out-of-the-box analytics go beyond page views, measuring engagement and conversion metrics to prove ROI. And it does this across channels to give you a full view of every content impact.

“Without content and a very intimate understanding of our customers, I’m not sure we’d be able to curate this experience that fosters habitual actions, which are our lifeline as a subscription service.”

Jacqueline Parisi, Copywriter, HelloFresh

Continuously Improve Your Content

Almost 70% of content teams prioritize content based on internal requests from other teams. But making decisions based on the gut feel of others, instead of the needs of customers, puts you at an extreme disadvantage.

WordPress VIP puts actionable insights into the hands of every content creator. With intuitive tools to spotlight content performance and trends, content teams make better decisions and react rapidly to market needs.

“Data-phobia is a real problem for a lot of teams—most analytics platforms are not made for writers. Parse.ly is the tool that makes it fun, simple, easy, and not scary to get data. You want to start using it on a daily basis.”

David Grossman, CMO, Backstage
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