WordPress VIP vs Acquia


With WordPress, you gain all the benefits of open source.

The advantages of open source software are undeniable, for the enterprise and the individual. Because Acquia is built on Drupal, another open source software, we’ve long considered ourselves open-source cousins. In fact, WordPress and Drupal are the two mainstream content management solutions with the most in common. However, Acquia has begun incorporating more and more proprietary components within its IP. WordPress VIP is deeply committed to the open source movement, which means full ownership (of your product, your data, and your roadmap) will always be in your hands.

The WordPress ecosystem provides everything you need to get to market faster.

Independent analysts estimate that 35% of the web is built on WordPress, including 26% of the top 10,000 sites — while only 1.7% is built on Drupal. With such a large market share, developers and service providers know every new product or service needs to work with WordPress to have a chance of succeeding. When Google launched AMP, and when Facebook launched Instant Articles, both only supported one content management platform from day one: and it was WordPress. Add to that an entire generation of designers and developers who have grown up using WordPress, and you’ve got a pre-built ecosystem with everything you need to get ahead of your competition.

Above all, WordPress VIP makes complex business cases powerfully simple.

Why is simplicity so important? The simpler your tools are, the more likely your team is to actually use them. WordPress VIP takes complex processes like personalization and localization and packages them into an elegant product that’s famed for its ease-of-use. But don’t let that simplicity fool you — over the years, WordPress has been developed into a platform that can power even the most complex digital experiences with ease.