WordPress Ecommerce

Does WordPress VIP support ecommerce?

The open-source nature of WordPress gives teams the freedom to customize every part of the digital experience. Brands can easily swap technologies in and out as business needs change, all while enjoying the benefits of a wider enterprise ecosystem.

Because WordPress ecommerce seamlessly connects content with commerce, brands and sellers have the ability to expand into new markets at record speed, quickly spin up new stores, and sell globally.

WordPress VIP supports enterprise-level ecommerce and content from a single, unified platform. It integrates with hundreds of plugins, extensions, and APIs, allowing brands to create unique digital customer experiences with ease.
Ecommerce solutions for WordPress VIP: comparison

WordPress VIP is compatible with a variety of ecommerce plugins, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and more.

Let’s take a look at a few popular WordPress plugins:

  • WooCommerce: The most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce is the simplest way to do business online. It’s intuitive, flexible, scalable, and built using the same administrative and content creation tools as WordPress.
  • BigCommerce: This headless commerce plugin enables brands to sell across multiple sites from a single control panel. BigCommerce offers catalog management, fulfillment logistics, payment processing, and more.
  • Ecwid: Ecwid is an ecommerce plugin that can be used across most CMSes, with a focus on selling from multiple sales channels. Users can get free access for up to 10 products, or pay a monthly fee to sell more.
  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD): Tailor-made for digital products, EDD is a popular choice for ecommerce stores selling eBooks, audio files, and PDFs. The simple solution is free and easy to use, and includes features for controlling file access, tracking activity, and more.

Advantages of WooCommerce + WordPress VIP

For brands seeking ecommerce growth and agile content creation, WooCommerce is the perfect complement to WordPress VIP. No plugin compares when it comes to performance, ease of use, and ability to scale.

Let’s take a look at the features that make WordPress WooCommerce the world’s most popular ecommerce plugin: 

  • Automatic scaling: Scale effortlessly with WordPress VIP’s infrastructure, which automatically ramps up through even the biggest traffic spikes.
  • Lightning-fast performance: Load pages quickly and boost customer satisfaction with WordPress VIP’s proprietary content delivery network (CDN).
  • Flexible architecture: Build an enterprise-grade ecommerce site on a single-stack, headless, or hybrid architecture—each deployment offers robust plugins, integrations, and customization options.
  • Seamless integrations: WordPress VIP technology partners and the WooCommerce Marketplace make it easier than ever to build a dynamic and engaging customer experience.
  • Increased efficiency: Brands save time and money with easy-to-use plugins, themes, and an intuitive editing interface.
  • SEO optimization: WordPress offers industry-leading SEO abilities, helping customers easily find the products and content they’re seeking.

How does ecommerce work on WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP works seamlessly with ecommerce, making setup simple, straightforward, and headache-free.

Here’s how the two work together:

  1. Get started with out-of-the-box features: Thousands of ready-built, customizable templates and plug-and-play commerce features reduce complexity and reduce time-to-market.
  2. Add extensions to customize with ease: Plugins enable customization throughout every aspect of the commerce experience, from shipping and payments to product management.
  3. Tailor stores alongside content: With the WordPress block editor, brands can drag and drop customizable blocks to quickly build new pages and buying experiences.
  4. Streamline administrative tasks: A single platform and set of administrative tools streamlines duties across multiple sites and storefronts.
  5. Focus on growth: Automatic software updates and multiple layers of security controls give brands the peace of mind to focus on selling and growing, rather than updating software.

Can brands scale ecommerce on WordPress VIP?

Yes, WordPress VIP makes it easy to drive revenue and commerce growth. Our infrastructure is optimized for seasonal spikes, unplanned traffic surges, and steady traffic alike. 

Here are a few ways WordPress VIP helps ecommerce businesses scale:

  • Dynamic autoscaling: WordPress VIP automatically scales to handle sudden peaks, then scales back when traffic slows.
  • Predictable costs: Ecommerce in WordPress VIP comes with predictable costs that help teams better understand total cost of ownership, making it easy to power additional sites.
  • Seamless store migration: WordPress VIP experts can help brands migrate to the platform in just a few weeks, so they’re prepared for future growth—without a costly disruption.
  • World-class security: Multiple layers of security controls help enterprise-level companies prevent fraud and meet even the most demanding requirements.
  • Holistic support: WordPress VIP offers enterprise support for managing server infrastructure, integrations, and more.

Drive revenue with WordPress VIP ecommerce

With WordPress VIP ecommerce, businesses can grow their commerce and content using a single, easy-to-use platform. 

Ready-built themes, thousands of customized plugins, and intuitive, drag-and-drop editor tools eliminate the need for custom development, so teams can focus on scaling and driving revenue. When paired with plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress VIP offers unparalleled ecommerce performance, flexibility, and efficiency.