Connecting Ecommerce Content Marketing & Your CMS to Attract Customers

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As the shift to ecommerce continues to accelerate, commerce-focused brands and sellers are realizing the power and profitability of content marketing to bring more customers to their products.

Key to riding that revenue-generating tide is leveraging an agile content management system (CMS).

The story of how OKdo, “the rocket fuel for your Maker imagination,” built a brand new, successful ecommerce business line in just eight months as part of a larger global technology business makes a fascinating tale of partnership, flexibility, and speed to market. 

Our inspiring new guide lays all this out, including:

  • Ways to serve best-in-class content to customers by connecting content with commerce.
  • How the right, out-of-house technology partnerships can accelerate internal ecommerce success.
  • Why a “test, learn, iterate” strategy is never out of style for successful businesses, especially those just starting out. 

You’ll learn how WordPress VIP and agency partner Box UK helped OKdo power ecommerce sites in seven different markets across three continents and six languages in record time, all the while supporting multiple currencies and following various global trade and tax laws.

​​“It’s all about getting customers to the content… WordPress VIP and WooCommerce make it simple to expand into new markets within a matter of a few hours, as long as we have our business logistics sorted in advance.”

—Adrian Goodman, Global Digital Product Owner, OKdo