WordPress VIP vs. Acquia

Not all open source content management systems (CMSes) are the same. WordPress VIP, built on WordPress, and Acquia, built on Drupal, both offer open-source CMSes for the enterprise. However, whereas WordPress powers more than 40% of the web, Drupal powers less than 2%. WordPress VIP delivers a broader ecosystem of technical solutions, agencies, and developers, a more open solution, and more intuitive tools for content creation and measurement than Acquia.

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Bigger ecosystem

WordPress VIP offers access to the widest range of plugins, themes, and integrations—tens of thousands, in fact. WordPress VIP also validates plugins and themes for performance and security to ensure they meet your exacting standards. Acquia only offers access to a much smaller number of Drupal modules.

Biggest developer community

When you select WordPress VIP, you unlock a massive talent pool of WordPress developers. Today there are 740+ local WordPress groups in 109 countries. In contrast, only 11% of companies that used Drupal said they were finding it easy to recruit new Drupal talent. 

Access to innovation

New technologies become available for WordPress before anyone else. For example, when Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and when Facebook launched Instant Articles, WordPress was the only CMS they supported on day one. In short, WordPress VIP customers get priority access.

Built for everyone

WordPress is the simplest and most ubiquitous solution, bar none. It is designed so that everyone—content creators, developers, and members of the community—can be productive on day one. Drupal is often much harder to use, requiring more training and resulting in less productivity from your employees.

Simple, modular flexibility

WordPress VIP is designed with modularity in mind, integrating seamlessly with other solutions. In this way, it operates well in a best-of-breed environment. In contrast, Acquia pushes customers to adopt recently acquired marketing solutions instead of the best solutions on the market.

Backward and forward compatibility

WordPress VIP has always maintained a commitment to compatibility between versions. As the solution evolves, customers are able to upgrade components at their own pace. Drupal has historically struggled to maintain compatibility. Many Drupal 7 customers had to undertake expensive migrations due to this lack of compatibility.

“Using WordPress VIP means that my team can focus on being creative and innovative, rather than spending time worrying about architecture.”

Ryan Pugatch, Hachette Book Group

Best content creation tools

In today’s digital environment, content drives growth. Organizations need to build more content for more audiences faster. The WordPress Gutenberg editor makes it easy for everyone in the organization to build modular, block-based content for use across channels. Acquia’s tools are more cumbersome, slowing content creation and delivery.

Content analytics and insights

WordPress VIP goes beyond just building content, to help you understand how that content is performing. Our integrated content analytics provide real-time feedback to help you improve your content initiatives. Acquia lacks deep content analytics as part of its solution.

High performance and secure

WordPress VIP is proven in the most demanding environments. On Election Night 2020, when FiveThirtyEight was hit with more than a billion requests, WordPress VIP didn’t miss a beat. And with its world-class security backed by FedRAMP certification, you know it’s secure.

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