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  • Super Tuesday 2008 on

    Here in the US we have a big primary election today. Results are starting to come in and you can see the latest reaction from bloggers on the “Politics” tag page on In addition, several large publishers are covering this big event and hosted in the VIP program, including: TIME’s The Page by Mark […]

  • Vodpod: Browser Tool for Embedding Video on Your WordPress Blog

    Many publishers are embedding videos on their blogs from various sources, including YouTube, Brightcove, DailyMotion, Blip.TV, and others. One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received from publishers, is that it can be difficult and time consuming to remember the exact steps that each video site requires to embed a video — as they all have […]

  • Wall Street Journal Using Blogs to Cover Microsoft-Yahoo News Today

    Big news in the tech world today with Microsoft formally entering a bid to buy Yahoo. Scanning through the various coverage, it was obvious that many large publishers were using their blogs to quickly cover this fast-moving story. A great example was the Wall Street Journal’s take on it and the comprehensive use of blogs […]

  • WordCamp Dallas 2008

    A great way to learn more about WordPress and meet people from the WordPress community is to attend WordCamp. What is WordCamp ? It’s an “informal gathering of WordPress users where we teach, learn, eat, drink and generally have fun with one another.” Dallas WordCamp will be held in the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center […]

  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper Blogging at

    Anderson Cooper of CNN relaunched his 360Blog the other day and is now hosted at in our VIP program. The previous version of the 360Blog was powered by Google Blogger. David Reisner, 360° Digital Producer, posted a note with what to expect from this new blog: The 360Blog promises to be more interactive and […]

  • Arena Magazine Selects WordPress

    I’ve received a few emails asking if we could showcase a magazine publisher using WordPress in an innovative way. Arena Magazine, published by Emap,  is one such publisher.  Promoted as “Britain’s original style magazine – for men”  (content is PG-13), their development agency – New Media Maze – highlights why they selected WordPress: We designed […]

  • Prologue: Group Communication Using WordPress

    We launched a new theme today for and self-hosted WordPress called Prologue. Prologue is a way for “each of us to share short messages about what we’re doing or working on internally, or private messages between groups of folks.” As you can see from the screenshot below and by clicking through to the Prologue […]

  • Tips on Optimizing Performance for Self-Installed WordPress

    Michael Biven, CTO of Laughing Squid, wrote a great post highlighting how to optimize your self-installed WordPress setup: Taking responsibility of your WordPress site by keeping it up to date to the latest version and managing it’s load on the server hosting it is just as important as the content you’re writing for it. Security […]

  • Revista CA Magazine Using WordPress

    Revista CA, the official magazine of the Chilean Architects Association, uses WordPress to power their official site. David Basulto of Plataforma Networks lead the development of the site and shares his thoughts: Since it has been published since the 60s, it´s a repository of the Chilean architecture legacy, and we are working now on getting […]

  • WordPress: Most Popular CMS in Technorati’s Top 100

    The Technorati 100 is a list of the “biggest blogs in the blogosphere, as measured by unique links in the last six months.” John Conroy of CMSWire recently looked at that list and concluded that: “Simply put, we found that WordPress dominates the list, that Movable Type comes in with a respectable second, and the […]

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