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  • Open Source Living Powered by WordPress

    Open Source Living is a new community-driven site focused on Open Source projects: Through a simple, elegant and efficient presentation of resources and information, OS Living aims to highlight small and large OSS projects, to inform and raise awareness to OS ethics, and to reinforce the credibility of OSS as a viable alternative to corporate […]

  • Poker Players Alliance Powered by WordPress MU

    The Poker Players Alliance site recently launched a very impressive site powered by the latest release of WordPress MU: The site was built by the talented Adam Tow, and has a very seamless PayPal integration for upgrading members to premium status. In addition, plugins are used to to handle displaying premium content to paid members. […]

  • The Times Multimedia portal runs on WordPress

    The Times, a South African media brand from AVUSA Media recently relaunched a new and improved Times Multimedia portal, which is based on WordPress. The slick looking design appears to be an extension of a theme from WPelements. Hopefully all South African WordPress enthusiasts already have WordCamp South Africa marked on their calendars.

  • Kineda: Global Fusion of Fashion and Lifestyle Running on WordPress and bbPress

    Kineda, which focuses on “Global Fusion of Fashion and Lifestyle”,  is a fabulous looking site that is part blog, part lookbook, and is running on WordPress and bbPress: Terry from Kineda highlights the efforts: The blog still offers our comprehensive fashion and lifestyle blog features, while the lookbook offers a rare glimpse at what our […]

  • Healthier

    Yesterday, launched a complete site redesign, and I’m excited that VIP Hosting is part of it. Their main blog Poked and Prodded has been migrated from TypePad, and we are also hosting their two new blogs Healthy Living and Healthy Eating. All of the old links to Poked and Prodded continue to work, […]

  • VIP Interview: Ben Huh

    A few of us had lunch with Ben Huh of the inimitable I Can Has Cheezburger (and others) today. Here’s the video: LOLcats have remarkable staying power: Update: Looks like I put my hand over the microphone on the part where Ben says how much he likes You’ll have to take our word for […]

  • NPR Intern Edition Powered by WordPress

    NPR Intern Edition Spring 2008 is a new blog for the NPR radio/podcast show: It’s spring 2008, and this is Intern Edition from NPR. Our show is about stories and how we tell them. Intern Edition began in the summer of 1999 as a way for NPR interns to get hands-on experience with pitching, reporting, […]

  • Arbu: “WordPress Doesn’t Just Blog”

    Arbu, a new media agency based in the UK, just published a post titled “WordPress Doesn’t Just Blog …”: … it rocks, rolls, cleans our teeth and rummages around in our psyche. Well, perhaps not, but while editing the Colintraive & Glendaruel Community Website (which is run using WordPress and a basic hack of Kubrick) […]

  • Redesigned

    Robert Scoble’s blog,, has been completely redesigned. Hosted, as before, on WordPress VIP – the new design incorporates many new features including integration of his friendfeed widget, and a showcase of Scoble’s latest videos from FastComapany.TV. [ Visit ]

  • NYT talks about The Page

    This New York Times article gives some interesting background on The Page, A Time Inc site that’s run by Mark Halperin and provides real-time politics and election coverage. The Page has rapidly gained a very large readership since it’s launch 6 months ago. What’s interesting from a WordPress point of view is that even though […]

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