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  • Fair-Play Scoreboards Powered by WordPress

    One of the oldest and most respected scoreboard companies in the world – Fair-Play Scoreboards – just recently completed a redesign of their web site and are using WordPress to manage and run the whole thing: Check-out the gallery and see if it doesn’t bring back some good old memories of your high-school varsity game […]

  • LIVESTRONG Blog on WordPress

    The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) has selected to blog on WordPress. The foundation raises awareness and funds for the fight against cancer, focusing on cancer prevention, access to screening and care, research and quality of life for cancer survivors. Champion cyclist and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong founded the LAF in 1997 and it has raised […]

  • Selects WordPress MU and BuddyPress a new social blogging network for business women has selected WordPress MU and BuddyPress as its platform of choice. Flokka represents one of the first sites to use the new BuddyPress social networking platform which is due for an official launch at the end of the year. [ Visit ]

  • Discover Magazine Selects WordPress

    Discover Magazine, a hub for science and technology news, has selected WordPress for their blogs: Discover Magazine blog topics range from green tech to science so strange it sounds fictional. Discover Magazine blogs sport a clean design and encourages cross-blog browsing through sidebar RSS feeds. [ Visit Discover Magazine ]

  • Nobel Prize Winner Jose Saramago Blogging on

    Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago has two blogs on O Caderno de Saramago (Portuguese language) and El Cuaderno de Saramago (Spanish language). Saramago, 85, won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998. One of his novels, Blindness was turned into a movie of the same name, released this month. [ Visit O Caderno de […]

  • Sci-Fi Novelist John Scalzi Joins VIP

    Science fiction writer John Scalzi has joined the ranks of VIPs. John is the author of more than a dozen published titles. He has been nominated for five Hugo Awards, winning the 2008 Best Fan Writer Hugo. He also won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2006. As he notes […]

  • Crikey Selects WordPress MU

    Crikey — an independent media, arts, and politics news site in Australia — has launched a new blog network, Crikey Blogs. It’s a kick-arse WordPress MU-based platform, and the start of a new wave of Australian blogs. Two of Australia’s most popular political bloggers have moved over to Crikey Blogs, as well as former Australian […]

  • Comments In Fox News’ Live Video of Tonight’s Debate

    Tonight’s U.S. Presidential debate is being streamed live on In a very innovative and useful way, Fox News has integrated user comments from their VIP blog On The Scene seamlessly into the live video stream. This allows for greater user engagement and interaction and provides a real real-time feedback loop on how viewers […]

  • Brazil’s iG Selects WordPress MU

    Question: What do you get when you cross one of Brazil’s largest ISPs, iG (with over 11 million subscribers), with WordPress MU and team them up with WPMU development firm, Incsub? Answer: BLiG – a fast-growing, Portuguese language blog platform powered by WordPress MU (naturally). The site itself is a pretty massive undertaking. Spread over […]

  • Hack a Day, Mark Cuban, and Jason Calacanis Join VIP

    Three exciting blogs have launched in the VIP program: Hack a Day, Blog Maverick, and “… serves up fresh hacks each day, every day from around the web and a special how-to hack each week.”  It’s a must-read site with a very strong following and very compelling content., Mark Cuban’s personal […]

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