Scaling WP Queries with Elasticsearch is big. Currently, there are:

  • 18.6 billion pages views/month
  • 409 million unique visitors/month
  • 56 million new posts/month
  • 68 million new comments/month

All of this happens on a dynamic platform that undergoes 5,000 deploys a month.

To try and surface better content to users, there are taxonomies and meta queries that normally don’t get used anywhere else. It can get difficult to scale these queries, which may more often than not result in the error message: MySQL server has gone away.

Xiao Yu, an Automattician, presents a solution: Elasticsearch. He states that Elasticsearch:

  • Optimizes for search not indexing
  • Is near realtime
  • Is denormalized
  • Uses inverted indices
  • Uses Bitsets

“Elasticsearch can represent a >200x improvement for queries against cold caches.” – Nick Daugherty, VIP

The es-wp-query plugin made by Matt Boynes at Alley Interactive does all of the transpiling of queries on the fly and can be found here:

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