SF Developer & Superuser Training: Remaining Spots Available!

VIP Training Days, developer and superuser (administrator / editorial staff) training will take place from June 17 – 19th in San Francisco. Each day is a separate, unique one-day course, limited to 20 participants and led by a team of WordPress.com VIP instructors, so you’re sure to get plenty of interaction time with the instructors.

We still have space available, so register now!

In addition to our Developer Fundamentals I and Superuser (administrator/editorial staff) courses, the upcoming training in San Francisco will also feature a new course for intermediate developers, which brings together a lot of the content and best practices we have shared at our VIP Workshop in the past, focused on security & performance! More information on the new course: WordPress Fundamentals: Security, Performance, & Debugging.

VIP Training courses are suitable for users of both self-hosted WordPress or WordPress.com VIP sites.

Register for VIP Training Days in San Francisco!

Big Media & Enterprise WordPress Events in San Francisco & Boston:

If you’re going to be in San Francisco but won’t attend the training, don’t forget to sign up for our first Big Media & Enterprise WordPress Meetup on June 17th! There will be networking + some interesting flash talks from VIP clients and other enterprise WordPress users. There’s also a Big Media & Enterprise WordPress Meetup in Boston tomorrow, June 11th!

For more information about upcoming WordPress.com VIP events, be sure to keep an eye on our Events page.

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