Mötley Crüe Relaunches on WordPress

The one and only Mötley Crüe has relaunched their site ahead of their big tour, and are now powering motley.com with WordPress:

[mshot http://www.motley.com/%5D

The new site was built by the talented team over at 6Degrees.

[Visit motley.com]

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2 thoughts on “Mötley Crüe Relaunches on WordPress

  1. You can do anything with WordPress. Strap on the right theme and plugins and the sky’s the limit. I wouldn’t go back to building old school sites with FrontPage (ack!) for nothin’. No more orphaned pages!

  2. oh my..i wish wordpress get rock in-touched with this . i love rock, i love motley crue, and i love wordpress..yeah many thanks to wordpress team. you rawk

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