TIME.com Running Verticals on WordPress.com VIP

Great piece yesterday in paidcontent.org about how TIME.com is leveraging the WordPress.com VIP SaaS platform to run all their vertical sites. In the post TIME.com cites their internal Omniture numbers, stating that ” ..verticals drove 40 percent of total site visits in 2011.

It’s great to see Techland, SwamplandBattleland, and other TIME.com verticals that run on WordPress.com VIP highlighted in this article:

“In developing the vertical strategy, we decided to pinpoint areas of reader and advertiser interest, blow them out as mini-publications in their own right,” (Jim) Frederick (the site’s managing editor) said. “The idea was to get writers who can speak to Tech enthusiasts for Techland or personal finance fans at Moneyland, and forge new readerships, while still embracing our core audience and feeling familiar to our Time loyalists, too.””

LightBox, an amazing photography blog that lives on WordPress.com VIP and then connects effortlessly to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, is a great example of WordPress as a digital hub. TIME.com uses the WordPress site to draw in audiences from various services back to the core content.

Nice work TIME.com team !

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