WordPress as a CMS Case Study: WNET.org

Back in July we posted about the remarkable project that WNET (PBS of NYC) put together with Tierra to launch 50 sites in ten months using one CMS, WordPress.

Dan Goldman and Jamie Trowbridge who headed up that project, were kind enough to present a case study of how it was all done, at the recent WordCamp NYC:

10 thoughts on “WordPress as a CMS Case Study: WNET.org

  1. Wow, great presentation. I like the blog of blogs concept. It seems to fit your needs well.

    Did I hear someone mention making one of the templates available as well? It would make for an awesome video site.

    Thanks for sharing, I shared this with my Twitter peeps!


  2. Well, in December i started to move my websites to WordPress. They were regular websites with simple pages, not CMS driven or anything. The didn’t have blogs, now they all have a little section.

    I can tell you that WordPress as CMS rocks. YOu can make a new website in 30 minutes or less.

    When i moved my websites, i converted their css/html designs into themes for wordpress, another easy proccess, max 1 hour for each, but now i have some regrets. A lot of themes from wordpress themes directory are much better than my previous designs so i think i will search for new ones very soon.

  3. The content of this presentation was interesting.

    Perhaps I could make a suggestion. It might be nice to edit the video, or more specifically the audio track. It would be relatively easy to edit out all the ‘Uhm’ and ‘You know’ that the speakers put between each statement. I feel this would greatly improve the professionalism of the presentation and make it more polished. Editing out the ‘ums’ and ‘you knows’ by simply muting that space in the track, and then laying some background noise in, to smooth it over, should make this much less painful to listen to.

  4. i really, really enjoyed this presentation. so many media corporations are in a position to benefit from this kind of development. for example, newspaper companies tend to be massive groups that have swallowed up a bunch of smaller newspaper groups. which means they’ve inherited tons of different designs, and many, many non-tech personnel that produce content. if they chose wordpress as a cms, the ease-of-use factor could turn them into competitors once again, in the dying newspaper industry.

  5. So this is a great case study and there’s nothing I’d like more than to jump in – but go to the the video section an click around – http://watch.thirteen.org/ – use the filter – it is just unacceptably, painfully slow – I’m about to launch a video portfolio site and love this idea, but if I put something up that was this slow my clients would want their money back – is this WordPresses’s fault? Can it be sped up?

  6. James Dougal: Thanks for the feedback. watch.thirteen.org is not a WordPress site, and was developed by PBS.org, not Thirteen and Tierra. I agree that the search performance is poor, and will forward this concern to PBS.

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