Ann Arbor Chronicle Selects WordPress

Great piece in the The Nieman Journalism Lab about how the Ann Arbor Chronicle is able to produce a top notch on-line only publication using WordPress as it’s publishing platform:

And this is what it feels like: 15 hours a day, seven days a week, from the 7 a.m. check-in with your spouse-turned-business-partner to the midnight bookkeeping.

No kids, no vacations, no car. No office; your only away-from-home base is a former Main Street antique shop that sells shared-workspace memberships to freelance software developers and the like for $100 a month. No novels before bed; there’s no time. If it’s a Saturday and the Michigan team is playing, you can watch the game, but run back to your keyboard during the commercials, okay?

As part of the morning routine, they check their WordPress dashboard for vital stats:

3. Inbound links checked daily. The day before I visited, logs for the Chronicle’s WordPress site reported that it had drawn 277 visitors from a local sports blog, 28 from a local school blog and 23 from, the reincarnated Ann Arbor News.

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7 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Chronicle Selects WordPress

  1. And I have been saying all along that should have picked WordPress as their publishing platform. They opted to use MovableType – Ugh. Kudos to the for their wise choice!

    1. IE8 is all of six months old as a final release, with a 15% market share as of August. Most IE users won’t even realize that version exists until Win 7 comes out.

      There’s plenty of time for the Chronicle to adjust. I’m sure they’re not planning to ‘drop support’ for IE.

    2. Hi there – I’m the theme designer for the Chronicle, and to be honest, I’m baffled my your comment about IE8 – it looks fine in IE8 on my system. Better than in IE7, to be honest.

      I run IE8 on Windows 7 for testing purposes, in a virtual machine on my Snow Leopard iMac. The site renders perfectly in it. (I run IE7 in Vista on another virtual machine for testing in that browser.)

      If any of you out there are reading this and see the site messed up in your IE8, and are feeling charitable enough to send me a screenshot or describe the trouble, I would much appreciate it. You can write to me at gmail, with the name mitten. Thanks much.

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