The Ford Story Chooses WordPress

The Ford Story is a recently launched site committed to making Ford’s progress towards getting new high-quality, fuel-efficient cars, and trucks on the road today transparent and open. The site is completely powered by WordPress and uses WordPress as a CMS to deliver a wide variety of static content, videos, photos, and dynamic updates.

We talked to Scott Monty from the Global Digital Communications group at The Ford Motor Company to see what the company’s experience using WordPress has been like so far.

Why did you choose WordPress over other publishing platforms?

We wanted to use a flexible platform that would easily integrate with the social web. The Ford Story is going to be a dynamic site, and we wanted to be ready to respond to the needs of the day, so we needed a technology that would allow us to take a modular approach. Knowing that we could use plugins and other components that connect with the rest of the web was a strong selling point.

What was the process of designing and developing The Ford Story site with WordPress like for you and your team?

The team that did the actual development hadn’t used WordPress for Ford before, but from what I understand, they were immediately able to work with WordPress and make it function the way we needed. As we have continued to develop and tweak the site, WordPress has allowed to do so on the fly.

What aspect of WordPress has been the biggest help in getting your site up and running and keeping it going how you want it?

We’re going to be giving the site a bit of an overhaul in a few weeks, and the team has been actively testing code, plugins, and different features of the site. The ability to quickly swap in and out these components has made the process pretty smooth.

Where else is WordPress used at Ford?

We already use it for our Social Media Press Releases and for our Autoshows site.

How does WordPress fit in with Ford’s broader move towards embracing social media?

Our vision for social media is to connect consumers with the people of Ford and to allow them to connect with each other, providing value along the way. We hope that as we turn The Ford Story into the social media hub for the company that this is clearer than ever. We know that WordPress is a widely respected, well-known, and community-developed platform in the social media space. It means that we’re more closely aligned with current trends and Web technologies and that we can develop the site more quickly as we move into the future.


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