A Way to Garden Selects WordPress

A Way to Garden, a beautifully designed new WordPress powered blog has launched.

Focused on American gardens, it’s written by Margaret Roach who was previously garden editor at Newsday and most recently at Martha Stewart Living, first as its garden editor and then as editorial director for the company.

The new blog and Margaret’s story was covered in the New York Times recently.

[ Visit A Way to Garden ]

20 thoughts on “A Way to Garden Selects WordPress

  1. This brought a giant smile to my face: being noted by you as being part of WP. I knew that gardeners would like me…but to have this new community, WP, say “she’s OK,” too is pretty special. Couldn’t have done it w/o designer Ken Smith, http://kennethbsmith.com, who hacked Brian Gardner’s Blue Zin masterfully in my horticultural behalf.

  2. A Way To Garden is such a refreshing way to start my day! Thanks, Margaret, and WordPress.

  3. Thank you for the kind words about the design. Besides being an encyclopedia of gardeknowledge, Margaret is terrific to work with. And so is WordPress. We looked at other blogging software, but being Open Source, WP was our first choice. Kinda like those Verison commercials where we have an army off-screen to support and create great solutions for this new communication medium. We both came from print journalism. Tomorrow (and today) belong to WordPress.

  4. Ah, this is nice to see. The design, photography, and writing on AWTG all make this site a beautiful package.

  5. A Way to Garden is already inspiring me to garden at a new level, since my reading is mostly online. I am also delighted to begin to hear Margaret Roach’s voice. Lovely and congrats!!

  6. Thanks wordpress for giving this lovely blog the attention it deserves.

  7. Hats off to both A Way to Garden and WordPress!!!
    AWTG is a perfect sanctuary for those looking to escape and for those who are just looking…
    A perfect place to dream.

  8. margaret has always been such an amazingly inspiring woman — as gardener, writer, and innovator. how perfectly natural that she’d take to WP in her latest foray of communicating her fantastic message to the world. cheers WP, for finding her out there, and for acknowledging the beauty she brings to life each day!

  9. Kudos to Margaret for such an outstanding site. Thank you WP for recognizing her inspiring creation.

  10. Another round of applause for the amazing blog and the amazing Margaret, thanks wordpress!

  11. Away to Garden is such a wonderful, generous blog. You are wise to commend it. WP, you do a great job too!

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