Prologue: Group Communication Using WordPress

We launched a new theme today for and self-hosted WordPress called Prologue.

Prologue is a way for “each of us to share short messages about what we’re doing or working on internally, or private messages between groups of folks.”

As you can see from the screenshot below and by clicking through to the Prologue demo it’s all about helping teams of people communicate and collaborate in an efficient manner — similar to Twitter but with a focus on groups.

For publishers looking to deploy this kind of tool, Prologue is very easy to use.  Like other themes for WordPress, you can install this on with a single click in your “Presentation” tab, or quickly add it to your themes directory for self-installed WordPress.

And since Prologue is a theme,  it leverage the power of WordPress to provide user management, privacy settings, RSS feeds, Gravatar, and more.

7 thoughts on “Prologue: Group Communication Using WordPress

  1. Nice one, thanks!

    Having some problems on the author page, though:

    “Call to undefined function: get_author_feed_link”
    replaced it with: get_author_rss_link(0, get_the_author_ID(), ”)

    Also, not tagging a post will eventuallly make it unfindable, except through the user’s author page (and probably an optional search widget)?

  2. WordPress in general isn’t really setup to support anonymous posts. You probably could do that, with some work. Prologue wasn’t designed with that in mind though.

  3. Hi Joseph,

    When I try to add a widget in Prologue, I loose the original tag list.
    Can you please tell me how can I add, for example, a search widget and maintain the tags list?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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