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We’ve received a few inquiries lately asking if a blogging tool exists that a) lives as as an application on your desktop and b) supports creating content and editing while you are offline.

The answer is yes, and Microsoft Live Writer (free to download) is one such tool. It supports blogs hosted on as well as self-hosted blogs. Lots more info here, and you can download it here.

On the Mac OS X platform, Marsedit ($29.95 with a free 30 day trial ) is another great option with lots of capabilities.

So how do these tools communicate with WordPress? They use XML-RPC, a cool technology that allows things that aren’t WordPress to talk to your blog. When Flickr or Youtube posts to your blog, or you use a desktop blogging client they use XML-RPC.

Developers looking to learn more about XML-RPC can read about it on the Codex site and by joining the mailing list.

10 thoughts on “Desktop Blogging Clients

  1. I love Windows Live Writer. Aside from using it for creating blog posts, I use it to manage drafts and ideas for posts I would like to get around to writing. Its simple interface and feature set also makes it great for writing and saving simple documents that don’t need all the extra stuff that Word has.

  2. Windows Live Writer has implemented most of the new XML-RPC features that we’ve been adding to WordPress. Unfortunately it only works on Windows. For Mac OS X MarsEdit it probably the best client out there (free or not).

    We’d be thrilled to work with other XML-RPC clients to improve their support for WordPress. I’d be happy to answer questions about the new features we’ve been adding, developers are welcome to contact me directly or on the wp-xmlrpc email list that Raanan mentioned.

  3. MarsEdit is crap. I really don’t understand why people like it. It makes malformed URLs, drag-and-drop (photos) doesn’t exist, its multiple-window interface is archaic, and there’s no WYSIWYG.

    Come on, even FrontPage (PC) had WYSIWYG nearly a decade ago.

  4. Tod: I’ve prioritized different features in MarsEdit than WYSIWYG. I agree it will be an awesome feature and very important to a certain category of user, once I get the time to do it right.

    I’m curious what you’re alluding to when you describe malformed URLs. I would consider this a bug, and if you get a chance to let me know what it is, exactly, I will be sure to put it on my fix list.

    Perhaps the reason you can’t understand why so many other people like it is because other people have different priorities than you do. I certainly don’t aspire to be a modern FrontPage, if that’s the standard of success 🙂

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