Demystifying Decoupled WordPress

Demystifying Decoupled WordPress

You may have heard decoupled (or “headless”) architectures can make it simpler to deliver content across multiple channels and devices. However, this approach—where your CMS is completely separate from your front-end user experience—can also add unnecessary complexity, cost, and time to your content management.

How can you know whether a decoupled architecture is right for your business? Ultimately, the best choice depends on your goals, and this webinar is designed to help you make an informed decision.

Topics include:

  • Why (or why not) to go decoupled
  • Lessons learned from Accuweather’s experience going decoupled
  • The most common types of decoupled architectures
  • The relationship between React.js and WordPress
  • Answers to your decoupled questions in a live Q&A
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