Behind the Scenes of Product Innovation at Rolling Stone

Behind the Scenes of Product Innovation at Rolling Stone

Learn how Rolling Stone leverages partnerships to drive digital product innovation for their 53-year-old brand. You’ll hear from leaders at Penske Media Corporation (Rolling Stone’s parent company), XWP, and WordPress VIP. They’ll give an inside look at how you can build your ideal technology stack to respond quickly to changes in the market and create customer experiences that drive revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • How to adopt an integrated approach to design and development partnerships
  • Guidelines for reducing the total cost of ownership of your digital properties
  • The benefits of an open source content management system
  • Practical tips to increase your team’s agility and get to market faster


Nici Catton

AVP, Product Delivery, Penske Media Corporation

Leo Postovoit

Head of Partnerships and Product Strategy, XWP

Liz McDonald

Lead Technical Account Manager, WordPress VIP

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