New Features for WordPress VIP Webinar

In this webinar our product team introduces some of WordPress VIP’s most exciting new features in 2023, showing how they can help you move faster and with greater confidence. Our engineers have been working tirelessly to keep WordPress VIP on the cutting edge of all the features you’d expect from your enterprise CMS platform, including usability, developer tooling, and even more robust security measures. 

Listen to members of WordPress VIP’s product management and engineering teams to learn more about the most impactful features released over the past year. We’re excited to showcase how our groundbreaking innovations can empower marketers, IT and site managers, and developers alike with more ease and freedom than ever before.

New features we’ll talk about and demonstrate include:

  • An Updated, More Efficient WordPress VIP Dashboard. This includes a new help center, media library exports, WordPresss VIP Status check, and more! 
  • Management of Software Versions. In the new Software Management panel, you can manage versions and initiate upgrades for WordPress itself, WordPress VIP MU plugins, PH, and Node.js
  • Better Validation for Headless Setups. To help improve the reliability of deployments for Node.js applications, we have released a new VIP-CLI command that runs a suite of preflight checks against your local codebase. 
  • Improved Management and Launch of Network Sites. We’ve added enhancements and granular tools to make it easier to launch individual sites in a network, as well as download and analyze site information. 
  • New Security capabilities, such as plugin vulnerability scanning. Easily identify outdated versions or potential vulnerabilities for WordPress plugins and themes with new solutions built with WPScan.

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