How to Find Your Brand Voice and Hit the Right Notes to Help Your Content Sing

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What do Apple, Burger King, Harley-Davidson, Starbucks, and other famous brands have in common? They all sport standout, identifiable brand voices that make emotional connections with their customers.

Companies that spend time researching, testing, and honing a brand voice earn a reputation for authenticity and consistency, make it easier for content marketing teams to craft content quickly and cleanly, and command higher prices for their products and services.

Like the quality of a singer’s voice, your brand voice should always be recognizable. But that doesn’t mean your voice is monotone. Our new guide can help you explore your entire vocal range—and avoid striking a sour note by staying true to your signature sound.

What you’ll read about:

  • Understanding what a brand voice is and its true value to your business—with great advice from brand experts and inspiration from our pick of real-world examples.
  • Defining your brand voice’s signature sound and tone—based on your audience and preferred marketing channels.
  • Helping content creators maintain a consistent brand voice—by documenting guidelines in a formal style guide, how-to templates, and do’s and don’ts charts.