Content Matters 2023 Report

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“This new research is extraordinary…”

—Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

Marketers already know that capturing and holding audience attention is like catching lightning in a bottle. But the challenge for content creators isn’t a frantic hustle to create and publish more and more

It means creating smarter, more personalized, better performing stories that connect with readers—based on data-driven analytics, not guessing or fielding hallway requests from the sales team.

Make better content decisions. Read our Content Matters 2023 Report—an exclusive survey of 1,500+ marketers across the globe and B2B/B2C industries.

You’ll discover the trends and technology driving content teams’ budgets and winning strategies over the next 12 months. And why data is going to be that spark that ignites content marketing planning and execution like never before.

Here’s just some of what we learned:

  • Resources: Teams and budgets are still growing despite economic uncertainty. In fact, 58% expect their content budgets to grow in 2023.
  • Strategy: 61% are still creating more content, but focus is shifting to producing quality over quantity.
  • Analytics: Measuring performance is key to proving the value of content, yet only 46% actually use data to make strategy decisions. 

“The most interesting part… is that more content is being produced overall, and yet the percentage of organizations creating more content dropped slightly. When you couple this with the (still) low number of companies (46%) that use data for making decisions about content—you see that most companies are frustrated, trying to find purpose to the larger strategy. Content is important but is still not treated as a strategic operation.”

Robert Rose, CMI

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Because content really does matter: to you, to your prospects, to your customers, and to your leadership. 

“We create a lot of content. But we don’t focus on why we’re creating it and we don’t do a good job of measuring its success. I think creating slightly less content based on a more complete strategy tied to our customer journey would serve us better. But without good measurements, there’s no way to really tell.”

—Manager of Content Marketing