Ask the Expert: Tracking Conversions’s conversions engine tracks every step of your user’s content journey, up to their final converting action. We equip you with multiple attribution models, so whether you want to value the first piece of content that caught someone’s attention, the last one they read before they finally decided to make their move—or every piece of content in between—you can analyze what is driving results.

Watch as Neil Powell, Solutions Engineer at gives you a close look at’s Conversions engine. He’ll answer your questions, and show you the benefits of adding content analytics to your CMS and content strategy. 

In this session you’ll get:

  • An introduction to Conversions
  • An example of how to measure the true impact of your content
  • Examples of how to align content strategies with business goals


Neil Powell, Solutions Engineer,

Neil Powell is a Product Specialist at WordPress VIP representing the company’s analytics offering and providing customers with a 360-degree view of content to tie engagement directly to business goals.

Prior to his current role, Neil was an Associate Director of Unstructured Content at S&P Global within their Market Intelligence division. He was responsible for helping to drive strategy and platform development across S&P’s business news, research, and events analytics offerings. Previously, he spent eight years growing and leading a team of data journalists to create data-driven news and analysis for S&P clients’ daily consumption.

Neil has a B.B.A in Economics from James Madison University.

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