Make WordPress VIP your print suite

tohoop, from ppi Media GmbH, extends your WordPress VIP installation with a professional print channel to effectively combine digital and print publishing.

tohoop connects your WordPress VIP CMS to InDesign, allowing you to create articles for your print publications from online content. And the tohoop planner makes it incredibly easy for you to plan and structure publications in your browser.

Now you have a central, web-based system for managing your content. Write your articles collaboratively with the excellent Gutenberg editor and add images from the online media library.

About ppi Media GmbH:

ppi Media develops highly efficient solutions and services for media companies. The owner-managed software house was founded in 1984 and has since become the leading workflow specialist for automated newspaper production. 

80% of all daily newspapers on the German market are produced using products developed by ppi Media. Media companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA use the firm’s solutions in their daily work for the planning, production and editorial workflows of their digital and print products.