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Piano accelerates content businesses’ ability to understand, engage and monetize their customers.

Piano is used by the world’s leading media companies and digital businesses to power their subscription, advertising, analytics and personalization efforts.

By elegantly managing every customer interaction — from offer presentation to billing and customer care — Piano personalizes the user experience and optimizes your revenues.

That means more pageviews. Less ad blocking. More subscribers. Less churn. More engagement and registrations, and better targeting and segmentation. Most of all, it means less anxiety and effort. Without extra developers. Without more data scientists.

Piano Composer: The media industry’s most powerful and capable rules engine, increases registrations, discourages ad blocking, manages affiliate or loyalty programs, and helps run your paid content business.

Piano VX: The most sophisticated commerce system in media, makes it simple to set up and manage your business — to sell memberships, use a hard or metered paywall, charge for access to live video events, or run promotions and referral campaigns.

Piano ID: Manages your customers’ identities, providing single sign-on and access control for every point of engagement — print, digital, mobile web, native apps and TV Everywhere devices.

Piano ESP: Automates the process of delivering personalized and relevant content recommendations, email campaigns and newsletters tailored to the individual user.

Piano DMP: Combines zero-, first-, second- and third-party data to develop individual user profiles and audience segments, putting that data to work across your sites and multi-channel marketing plan.

And by combining features from the entire Piano platform, Piano Zero offers the end-to-end capabilities needed to incentivize and acquire zero-party data and consent, and create segments and lookalikes — while ensuring data consistency and quality.

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