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Piano is the best way to charge for access to content on your site.

Piano is the complete digital business solution used by the world’s leading media companies to drive engagement, loyalty, and revenues.

Piano elegantly manages every customer interaction — from offer presentation to billing to customer care — personalizing and optimizing your users’ experiences and your revenues.

That means more pageviews. Less ad blocking. More subscribers. Less churn. More engagement, registrations, and better first-party data. Most of all, it means less anxiety and effort. Without extra developers. Without more data scientists.

Piano’s platform includes three modules:

Piano Composer is the media industry’s most powerful and capable rules engine. Whether you’re trying to increase registrations, discourage ad blocking, manage affiliate or loyalty programs, or running a paid content business, Composer has the power, capability, and reporting that your team needs to succeed.

Piano VX is the most sophisticated commerce system in media. Whether you’re selling memberships, using a hard or metered paywall, charging for access to live video events, or running promotions and referral campaigns, VX makes it simple to setup and manage your business.

Piano ID manages your customers’ identities and provides single sign-on and access control for every point of engagement — print, digital, mobile web, native apps, and TV Everywhere devices.

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