Lone Rock Point

Digital storytelling via transformation strategy

Agency Partner

At Lone Rock Point our mission is to improve the world by improving the processes by which knowledge is shared. We work toward this by relentlessly exploring the frontier of digital transformation to bring back innovative solutions and strategies for our clients. We are dedicated to delivering value through customized, evidence-driven, and creative collaborations no matter where our clients or digital world may take us.

We deliver the big picture: Storytelling is about closing the gap between your experience and what your audience understands. We help our partners to close this gap with creative, agile, data-driven, and digital solutions that deliver a compelling story to the world.

Lone Rock Point is a far forward-thinking agency that explores the frontier of how to better acquire, manage, and impart knowledge. Our agility, innovation, and hands-on approach allow us to constantly evolve, and provide best-in-class digital strategies to our partners.

Our Specialties

  • Design thinking. We employ design thinking approaches to explore problems and design their solutions. Design thinking is a mindset that helps us work together to execute better.
  • Digital strategy & transformation consulting. We execute a tactical strategy to leverage digital technologies to produce, manage, and share your story.
  • Experience design. We take a user-centric, customer first approach to create lean and agile experiences with product features that impact the overall experience.
  • Digital portfolio, product and project management. We chard out a product roadmap based on lean design principles, then navigate the twists and turns to innovate realities

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