Fieldmanager is a comprehensive toolkit for building forms, meta boxes, and custom admin screens

Fieldmanager is a powerful library which can make the development of sophisticated features a breeze, using administration screens in WordPress.

Fieldmanager is made up of three main structures:

  • Fields: The main object type in Fieldmanager. Fields can be text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select dropdowns, and more.
  • Contexts: Contexts control where fields are displayed and how data is stored. Fieldmanager’s core contexts include post, term, user, and submenu.
  • Datasources: Datasources populate options for some fields, for instance checkboxes, radio buttons, select options, and autocomplete data. Datasources include posts, terms, users, and custom datasources. For example, an autocomplete field can use the post datasource to allow a user to select a post by typing in a fragment of the post title.

Fieldmanager is made by Alley, a VIP Gold Agency Partner.