Enhance your WordPress content with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services

Tap into leading cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure AI and IBM Watson to augment your WordPress-powered websites, streamline your editorial process, and increase audience engagement. Built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself, with hooks and filters to customize service providers and integration points.

Language Processing

Relieve the editorial burden of remembering to add useful data like tags and categories with automatic classification when publishing posts or uploading media. Well-structured classification boosts SEO and enables search tools like Elasticsearch to better understand your content. 

Image Processing

ClassifAI automatically creates descriptive “alt” text for your images, ensuring website accessibility and boosting SEO by helping search engines understand your media content. ClassifAI uses smart cropping and resizing to first identify an image’s area of interest or focal point, and second determine how to best crop the image to maintain its integrity. Images are automatically assigned tags using AI computer vision, making large media libraries more accessible. Editorial teams can filter, sort, and search extensive image libraries using simple tags like “car” or “computer.”

Features of the ClassifAI plugin include:

ClassifAI is made by 10up, a VIP Gold Agency Partner.