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Agency Partner

When you need a full-service partner or a seamless extension of your existing enterprise design, development, or marketing team, Camber Creative is your ace digital product team. We’re a fully-distributed digital product agency specializing in app design and development for iOS, Android, web, and IoT.

Our expert team of digital nomads collaborate from across the United States and Canada to plan, prototype, build, and sustain digital products that not only delight and enrich the lives of users, but also produce meaningful business results for their client collaborators.

Whether it’s a B2C app, internal enterprise utility tool, B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the next innovative wearable or IoT solution, or anything in between, we have the deep expertise and insight to be equally comfortable as pilot, co-pilot, or navigator for your next digital transformation.

Some of Camber’s client collaborators

A principles-first company

While what we do changes as technology evolves over time, what we believe in serves as the guardrails for everything we do. Our principles are:

  • Treat People Right
  • Work with Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose, and Accountability
  • Be an Excellent Collaborator
  • Assume Positive Intent
  • Strive for Simplicity
  • Show > Tell
  • Deliver, and Then Some
  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
  • Always Be Improving

Our company objectives stem from our principles, giving us direction in which to apply them. Our company objectives are to operate an unparalleled workplace, to create an unparalleled client experience, and to make unparalleled user experiences.

“Camber has been instrumental in our project successes. The business outcomes are terrific.”

Director of Digital Workplace, AdventHealth

We’ve worked hard over the years to build an amazing team of deeply good and talented individuals, earning a reputation among our clients as a team that lives up to our high standards.

“I haven’t found another team that can deliver like Camber. The ROI is consistently great.”

Founder, Style Me Pretty

Delivering value early and often

Many teams can make it to the finish line, but the Camber way is special. We’re obsessive about creating maximum lift for our clients’ businesses. We help our clients build and release the right thing at the right time based on first- and third-party user experience research and our Feature Value Framework. We treat your product with no less care than if it were our own. Period.

We aim to build Minimum Delightful Products (MDP) that are as beautiful and usable as they are functional. Our process favors an always-shipping, always-testing, and always-iterating approach that delivers small, but complete feature sets within four-week build cycles. Building small solutions intelligently with a long-term product roadmap allows us to continuously build upon past cycles and deliver value to end users and to our clients early and often.

With engagement models to suit any need

We help our clients start, sustain, and grow their digital products and businesses. Our clients range from multibillion-dollar enterprises to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Whether we’re the digital product agency of record or providing team augmentation, we apply the same principles- and value-driven approach to every product. At Camber Creative, there’s no such thing as a “second class” experience.

Here are just a few of the products we’ve built with our client collaborators:

Northeastern University: Enabling scientific study of the health effects of food down to the individual chemical level with a data ingest, normalization, data lake, and mapping system

AdventHealth: Rapidly reassigning nationwide front-line healthcare staff to respond to COVID-19 case surges with an online internal employee match system

BASF: Entertaining and educating players about BASF farm products and their positive impact on crop yield with an interactive online game

InvestorFuse: Reducing real estate lead management time and increasing sales with a custom CRM and SaaS with robust automation and team collaboration tools

To Eat List: Connecting foodie friends and food influencers for personal restaurant recommendations free of negativity or cheatable review system with a social media app

BreathPlayer: Turning mindful breathing into beautiful sound and music for meditation, relaxation, and focus with a first-of-its-kind mobile app

Movebooth: Connecting the biggest brands in the world to local communities and fans with an experiential marketing photo booth SaaS and mobile app for events ranging from the Super Bowl to Beyoncé concerts

You’re in Good Company

Camber was recently honored by being named to the Clutch 100, which recognizes the top growing B2B companies worldwide. We notched a top 25 position in sustained growth companies and a top 100 position in fastest growth companies.

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