Package Descriptions

This document describes the various WordPress VIP product and service offerings as referenced in our order forms and other customer service contracts.

Hosting and Support Services

The table below explains which features are included in our Standard, Enhanced and Signature Packages for WordPress VIP hosting and support services.

High Performance Enterprise Platform
Integrated Content Analytics 
Managed updates to WordPress, PHP and other components
Containerized Environment
Global Infrastructure
Dynamic Autoscaling
Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Flexible Architecture:  Single-Stack, Headless or Hybrid
Content Analytics: Real-Time Analytics
Content Analytics: Reporting on 30+ Audience-Centric Metrics
Content Analytics:  13-Months of Historical Data
Content Analytics:  Marketing Campaign Tracking
Content Analytics: Cross-channel Reporting and Mobile SDK
Content Analytics: Conversions Reporting
Content Analytics:  Audience Segmentation
Jetpack AI Assistant
Integrated Code Repository
Production and Staging Environments
Local Development Environment
Management Dashboard Built for Scale
Integrated Certificate Management and Renewal
Command Line Interface (CLI) for Large-Scale System Management
Enhanced Multi-site Management
Hourly Backups
Multifaceted Industry-leading Security
Advanced Access Controls
Single Sign-On (SSO)
DDoS mitigation
Plugin and Theme Vulnerability Scanning with automated plugin upgrade workflow
Integrated Enterprise Search
Block Data API
Application Performance Management (APM)
Log Shipping
Concierge Onboarding
24 x 7 Support
Urgent ticket response time SLA60 minutes30 minutes15 minutes
Non-urgent ticket response time SLA24 hours12 hours4 hours
Uptime SLA99.95%99.99%99.99%
Multisite SupportUp to 5 sitesUp to 1000 sitesUp to 1000 sites
Additional non-production environments for development, testing and qaUp to 2Up to 3Up to 4
Number of tracked sites for Content Analytics222
Number of Content Analytics dashboard users151515
APM Browser Monitoring
APM Synthetics Monitoring
Database Backup Shipping
Failover for Disaster Recovery
Application Downtime Monitoring
Technical Account Management
Specialized, Proactive Support Resources
Enhanced Communication via Slack and P2

The table below defines several of the features referenced in the table above.

Enterprise PlatformAccess to a highly scalable, highly secure and high performance WordPress infrastructure and underlying platform.
Integrated Content AnalyticsAccess to both the Content Helper and Content Analytics Dashboard (defined below).
WordPress VIP Command Line Interface (CLI)Command line interface to manage and automate common administrative and other tasks.
Managed UpdatesRegular updates of all platform components and core services to ensure software remains secure and up-to-date.
Multisite ManagementTools for visibility, deployment and management of WordPress multisites.
Containerized EnvironmentIsolated environment via containerization to ensure other customers or environments do not impact the performance of a site.
Hourly BackupsBackups provided on an hourly basis.
Global InfrastructureHigh performance across the world powered by 28 points of presence.
Multifaceted Industry-leading SecurityMultiple layers of security protection at the edge, network, data and application level to meet highly demanding security requirements.
Dynamic AutoscalingAutomatic provisioning of new resources as needed to ensure peak performance on your busiest day and everyday.
Advanced Access ControlsGranular controls to limit permissions and resources to only those employees or contractors that need them.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Caching of content at the edge to deliver fast TTFB and performance.
DDoS MitigationBuilt-in technology to identify and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks before they impact your site’s performance.
Flexible ArchitectureOut-of-the-box support for single stack, headless, and hybrid architectures from a single solution.
Content Analytics: Real-Time AnalyticsImmediate (every 5 seconds) access to new data within the dashboard.
Content Analytics: Reporting on 30+ Audience-Centric MetricsReporting on key metrics including page views, visitors, engaged time, etc.
Content Analytics:  13-Months of Historical DataAccess to 13 months of data for historical analysis.
Content Analytics:  Marketing Campaign TrackingAbility to tie views, engagement, conversions, etc. to specific marketing campaigns for purposes of attribution. 
Content Analytics: Conversions ReportingReporting of key conversion events such as purchases, clicks, form fills, newsletter signups or other similar events.
Content Analytics:  Audience SegmentationAbility to drill down and limit reporting of key metrics of content performance to specific audience segments. 
AI-driven Content GenerationAn out-of-the-box content block directly in the Block Editor where you can automatically generate, revise and optimize text using AI.  
Plugin and Theme Vulnerability ScanningAutomatic scanning of plugins and themes both at deployment time and on an ongoing basis using our proprietary WPScan technology.
Integrated Code RepositorySupport for development workflows from development to production.
Enterprise SearchFast, customizable results for site search, with support for complex query aggregations such as personalization.
24/7 SupportRound-the-clock support in all time zones within issue-severity defined SLAs.
Local Development EnvironmentSupport for local sandbox environments for development and testing with capability to pull down production content for testing with the latest updates whenever you need.
Application Performance Management (APM)Integrated monitoring of application performance and debugging capabilities to identify issues.
Management DashboardCentral dashboard to manage all your sites, domains, user access, authorized IPs, authentication and security, certificates, environment settings, and more.
Concierge OnboardingStructured onboarding process to ensure you are set up for success.
Certificate Management and RenewalAutomated management of certificates include certificate renewal.
Block Data APIAPI to enable retrieval of data contained in blocks in JSON form without unnecessary markup.
Private File ControlsAdd access controls to files on sites to control access to intranets and protect pre-publish attachments.
Single Sign-On (SSO)Integration with single sign-on providers to integrate with your existing organizational SSO infrastructure.
Standard Multisite SupportSupport for WordPress Multisite environments consisting of a network of up to 5 sites sharing a single code base.
Advanced Multisite SupportSupport for WordPress Multisite environments consisting of a network of up to 1000 sites sharing a single code base.
Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)First response to urgent tickets within 60 minutes and non-urgent tickets within 24 hours.
Additional Non-Production EnvironmentsAccess to a fixed number of additional environments for development, testing, and qa as needed.
APM Browser MonitoringMeasurement of speed and performance as end users navigate to your site through different web browsers, devices, operating systems, and networks.
APM Synthetics MonitoringAbility to create synthetic tests to simulate global traffic, measure uptime of endpoints, and resolve availability issues—all in pre-production before any customer impact.
DebuggingSupport to help find, isolate and resolve issues in your application code.
Log ShippingAutomatically save logs to an external Amazon Web Services S3 bucket at 5-minute intervals which are then available for storage, processing, or analysis.
Database Backup ShippingShip backups at regular intervals to an AWS S3 bucket.
Failover for Disaster RecoveryA hot database replica in a different geographical data center that can be rapidly brought into service to handle traffic in the event of a disaster.
Advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA)First response to urgent tickets within 30 minutes and non-urgent tickets within 12 hours.
Application Downtime MonitoringMonitor your application to identify downtime, inform you of event and support your team through appropriate response.” Analytics Services

Integrated Basic Content Analytics ( Content Helper)

The Content Helper (PCH) brings data about your content into WordPress Admin. The PCH helps you make authoring decisions by adding content performance context to the place where you draft and edit. It is included in the WordPress VIP Platform. Content Analytics Dashboard

The Content Analytics Dashboard allows users to measure content performance and improve content strategy on the Monitored Domains and Applications. The dashboard includes content metadata (e.g. title, tags, author, and more) and content performance metrics (e.g. page views, engaged time, visitors, and more). 

Content Performance Package

The Content Performance Package includes the Content Analytics Dashboard and the following features:

  • Guided integration with support from the integration team
  • Metadata extraction
  • Content performance metrics

Content Value Package

The Content Value Package includes everything in the base Content Performance Package and adds the following features: 

  • Conversions and Attribution Reporting 
  • Audience Segmentation 

Content Advocacy Package

The Content Advocacy Package includes everything in the Content Value Package and adds the following features: 

  • Geographic Segmentation 
  • Video Tracking Content API

The Content API allows Customers to serve content recommendations on their websites and export aggregated content data from to the Customer’s internal tools. It includes a Site ID (API Key) for your website and corresponding secret parameter and access to the API Endpoint. Data Pipeline

The Data Pipeline allows Customers to stream real-time user interaction data to their internal tools via standard AWS APIs (S3 for historical data and Amazon Kinesis Streams for real-time data).

Professional Services

Launch Day Services

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) will provide detailed launch guidance and advice on best practices and planning for a smooth go-live day on WordPress VIP. Your TAM will also be available for live chat support on launch day.

Migration Services

In addition to Launch Day Services, our expert staff will provide added support to your development team as you migrate your WordPress sites to WordPress VIP including assistance with content, media, database, and code imports. Additionally, we will provide guidance on site redirects and quality assurance testing to make sure everything is ready for go-live. Migrations are more predictable and more likely to be delivered on time with our Migration Services.

Performance Evaluation

The WordPress VIP Team will assess customer needs and goals related to performance, conduct performance testing and identify opportunities for the customer to improve the performance of its WordPress VIP hosted website. The deliverable for the engagement will be a performance report, engineering analysis and detailed action plan that includes specific ordered technical steps designed to empower the customer to accomplish their stated goals. The total engagement shall not exceed one month in length.

Architectural Consulting Services

The WordPress VIP Team will assess customer needs and goals for one or more agreed upon topics concerning customer’s application architecture. WordPress VIP will conduct research and discovery on the topic(s) in collaboration with the customer, and deliver relevant recommendations to the customer including technology selections, architectural plans, and product requirements, as appropriate. The deliverables for each engagement will include an executive summary of findings and insights, a technical report, and an action plan for recommended engineering work or technology implementation. Each engagement shall take approximately six weeks unless otherwise agreed upon.


The WordPress VIP team will work with you to up-skill your engineering team through virtual or on-site training workshops. We have training modules on a range of technical topics such as WordPress best practices, theme development, the WordPress block editor, REST API, GitHub/WordPress VIP platform workflow and more.

High Traffic Event Planning

An experienced WordPress engineer and technical account manager will help you prepare your applications to better stand up to the heightened demands associated with high-traffic events and the unique behaviors that surface during critical moments. The service includes load testing, deep application-level analysis, and recommendations for improvement, where applicable.

If recommendations surface that are critical to successfully navigating a high-traffic event, WordPress VIP will provide guidance on strategy and best practices for your implementation of those recommendations and conduct a follow-up assessment to evaluate progress.

WordPress VIP will provide the following deliverables as part of this service:

  • An engagement planning document–including timelines, deliverables, and anticipated outcomes.
  • A technical report including various performance-related data, load test results, observations, detailed analysis, and (if applicable) engineering-backed recommendations to prepare for the high-traffic event. 
  • A follow-up report that evaluates performance of your application before and after the recommendations made by WordPress VIP.
  • A post-event recap report that summarizes how the high-traffic event went with any recommended follow-up actions.

Customers can also upgrade the service for an additional fee to include real-time coverage of the event from WordPress VIP staff

Content Consulting

This service provides expert analysis of your content, identifying performance trends and offering strategic recommendations to improve content strategy and distribution. The service offering is structured, but has flexibility. The base offering takes two to three weeks to deliver, is an analysis of 20,000 articles, and uses data as the source of information. 

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