How much does WordPress VIP cost?

Pricing depends on the specific needs of your business, so we’d love to prepare a custom quote for you.

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What’s the starting price?

WordPress VIP plans start at $25,000/year though the price of each enterprise WordPress package can vary based on your needs.

How does pricing work?

There are five main factors that impact your price: 

  1. Traffic your website receives
  2. Number of applications you intend to deploy
  3. Your support needs
  4. Your preferred SLA
  5. Inclusion of analytics

What counts as an application?

That could be a single site, or a WordPress multisite. Each application includes both a production environment and an associated non-production environment.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

Nope! There are no setup fees, and no additional costs. Many features that are add-ons for other providers come standard with WordPress VIP, including:

  • CDN
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Hourly backups
  • DDoS protection
  • Security / vulnerability patches
  • Automated code scanning
  • Multisite availability
  • GitHub repository and workflow
  • Technical support

Are there overage charges if I have traffic spikes?

We believe high traffic should be a cause for celebration, not an opportunity to sneak in overage charges. If your sites are consistently experiencing higher-than-expected levels of traffic, we’ll work with you to reassess the right package level for your needs.

“We’ve joked that nobody loves their CMS, but right now, we love our CMS.”

Lora Dennis, NBCUniversal

How long will it take to migrate my site to WordPress VIP?

The amount of time and energy that a migration to WordPress VIP will take is heavily dependent on the volume of sites, their existing code, and what (if any) changes need to be made to help optimize them for WordPress VIP. That said, our target for launches is 30 days from the day of signing.

What’s the difference between WordPress and WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP is purpose-built to help enterprises with multiple sites, complex setups, millions of page views, or large teams to create valuable customer experiences.

Does WordPress VIP provide design and development services?

No, we provide the infrastructure upon which your digital experience is built. Most enterprise content management projects do require custom development. For that, you’ll want to either use your internal team of developers, or engage a specialized agency. The good news? The ubiquity of WordPress makes for a large talent pool of skilled developers to choose from.

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