The Future of Media—See, Hear & Network With Us at DCN Next: Summit, Feb. 7-9, 2024 

Modern media companies face immense pressure from a multitude of sources. Audiences are fragmenting. Tech platform algorithms are changing. Misinformation is rising. The third-party cookie is dying. Revenues are dropping. 

The only way to stand out from the crowd with digital content is to deliver high-performing, compelling audience experiences.

In 2024, the vast majority of media businesses will be running WordPress as their CMS, and baking LLM-powered workflows into their publishing. But if everybody’s using the same technology, how do you differentiate your digital experience?

Join us for our session “Differentiating After Great Equalizing Tech Advancements”

Mark your calendars for this Feb. 9 members-only session on the DCN Next Summit Main Stage at 10:00 a.m. with Brian Alvey, CTO of WordPress VIP, and Nicola Catton, Senior Vice President of Product Delivery at Penske Media Corporation.

They’ll cover:

  • Differentiating your audience experience on top of open source and ubiquitous software
  • Factors driving the changing media landscape
  • High-level learnings, takeaways, and insights for media industry technologists

Attn.: DCN members! 

Looking to connect with WordPress VIP during the Summit? Request a meeting with us here.