WordPress Hosting That Scales as You Grow

There are many choices for WordPress hosting. But the right WordPress host for individuals or small businesses isn’t always the best solution for businesses with complex requirements. 

When content matters for growth, and when security and reliability can affect your business, consider an enterprise-grade WordPress hosting platform.

Let’s start by looking at what WordPress hosting entails.

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What is WordPress hosting?

First, WordPress itself is an open-source project and has a public license. That means the software is free to use—good news for individuals or small businesses.

To create a website with WordPress, you’ll need a host for that software. A WordPress host provides the hardware for your site, the underlying technology, an installation of WordPress, and an interface to manage your application. 

As noted, there’s no shortage of hosting options. One way to narrow things down? Determine if you need the additional capabilities of managed WordPress hosting.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Besides the basic hosting features discussed above, a managed WordPress host—such as WordPress.com—can also provide support, automated backups, and managed upgrades of WordPress releases and plugins. Support, for example, might range from hosting service documentation to a ticketing system, live chat, or phone support.

But what if you’re a business with high security, performance, and WordPress at scale requirements? Then consider enterprise-grade WordPress hosting.

What is enterprise-grade WordPress hosting?

For enterprise brands, content is at the core of creating digital customer experiences. The best WordPress host is a partner who understands this, as well as the business’s unique customers, brand, pain points, and roadmap.

Beyond merely managed WordPress hosting, an enterprise-grade platform offers an end-to-end solution that empowers organizations with the content agility, stability, and security they need to grow.

As a starting point, look for the fastest managed WordPress hosting and the most secure WordPress hosting. Why? Enterprises need their web software and platform to adhere to stringent security requirements, perform well when traffic spikes, provide fast and expert support and integrate with the rest of their applications and services. For these businesses, WordPress needs to scale to suit either a large number of contributors, a large amount of traffic, a high-risk profile, a large amount of content, fast performance, a large number of ad placements, or any combination.

What’s more, enterprises need any software they adopt to adhere to internal IT requirements, the needs of development teams, and the agility required by content creators.

In summary

Given the unique needs of enterprises using content at the core of growth, brands need more than managed WordPress hosting. Look for a platform that aligns with your business needs and partners with you to supercharge your digital customer experiences. A platform that is as invested in your business growth as you are.

Read our guide to the key capabilities to look for in an enterprise-grade managed WordPress platform.

WordPress VIP is much more than managed WordPress hosting for enterprises. To learn how our platform powers enterprise growth through content, contact us using the form above.