How Everhance Used WordPress VIP’s Migration Services to Improve Speed and Reliability on Their Sites

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Everhance is one of the largest digital publishers on the web, reaching more than 10 million readers monthly. It creates 120+ articles a week across popular websites like,, and These articles are social media audience driven, meaning websites run by Everhance need to be ready for periodic waves of high-volume traffic.

After relying on WordPress VIP for an initial site, Everhance CEO Ramsey Mohsen quickly recognized the power and flexibility of its hosting capabilities. “Many of the one-off services I was subscribing to in order to supplement my other hosting providers were all built into WordPress VIP,” he says. “Which was nice from a consolidation standpoint and having everything all in one place.”

But the appeal of reducing reliance on extraneous plugins and centralizing essential functionality wasn’t the only value Mohsen found on WordPress VIP. “I noticed the difference in speed and reliability compared to previous hosting providers, which is important for our company.”

“The writers are very happy with the speed. Especially on the backend, things are much faster”

Ramsey Mohsen, CEO, Everhance

Website speed and reliability are essential for Everhance’s business, where any amount of downtime translates to lost revenue opportunities. Once WordPress VIP had proven itself in this area, it was a simple decision for Everhance to migrate more of its properties onto the platform.

Migration Services: expert delivery

To accomplish this, Everhance engaged WordPress VIP’s Migration Services to bring six of their sites onto the WordPress VIP hosting platform. 

As a part of Migration Services, WordPress VIP’s Professional Services team partners with customers to take the effort and risk out of launching new sites on the WordPress VIP platform. The service leverages the experience of WordPress VIP’s technical experts and partners to ensure customer migrations occur on-time and with a high degree of predictability and quality. 

“It was slightly intimidating at first, knowing how robust WordPress VIP is, to imagine getting everything over there,” Mohsen says. “But once we heard there was a professional service to take care of that, it was a no-brainer for us.”

WordPress VIP’s Professional Services team worked closely with Everhance to migrate each site, providing updates along the way and swiftly responding to any concerns. 

“Other services provide tools where you self-service the migration,” Mohsen says. “But having both the service and the tools was really nice. Once we handed over the keys, it was just ‘sit back’ and wait for the staging site to be spun up for us to QA and approve it. It was nice not having to worry about a number of different things that you typically do. It was a very VIP experience, pun intended.”

Problems solved with Professional Services

WordPress VIP is engineered to reduce the risk of business disruptions online, providing peace of mind to customers as they scale their online operations. 

WordPress VIP’s experts helped Mohsen navigate the digital complexity of a migration while protecting Everhance’s business interest. “For us, being always on is important,” he says. “Any downtime, any outage costs us money by the minute. It was really nice to know that we would have expertise and developer help with the migration.”

With the goal of providing a low-headache transition, WordPress VIP’s Migration Services navigated different complexities across the six sites to deliver the migrations without any signs of downtime.

“The reassurances of uptime are there. There’s no more worry of waking up at 2 a.m. to see that the site has had an outage.”

The effort was clear to Mohsen. “Previously with a different provider, we had a website with a really large database,” he says. “We had issues migrating that website because of the size and weight of the site. Outages was one of my big concerns going in.”

Not only did the migrations get delivered without business disruption, the end-to-end process also turned out to be smoother than Everhance anticipated, contributing to savings in developer and manager resources. “Sometimes these things can turn into days… where you’re still troubleshooting, you’re still figuring things out,” Mohsen says. “Your team is basically sitting idle, which is not ideal. But once we said go, we were able to do the launches within a week.”

An easy onramp to enterprise speed, security, and support

With six more sites migrated to WordPress VIP, Everhance continues to find value on the platform. “The writers are very happy with the speed,” says Mohsen. “Especially on the backend, things are loading much faster.”

With the help of Migration Services, Everhance was able to quickly start relying on the power of the WordPress VIP platform. “One of our websites has 10,000-plus articles, that’s a lot for the system to have to churn through!” Mohsen says. “But it actually does a great job, it loads and runs like a champ in terms of speed and responsiveness.”

And now six more of Everhance’s websites benefit from the speed, security, and overall support of WordPress VIP’s services and infrastructure. The enhancement was apparent to Mohsen: “The reassurances of uptime are there. There’s no more worry of waking up at 2 a.m. to see that the site has had an outage.”

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