What is an Agile CMS?

An agile CMS connects the people, processes, and tools involved in creating content so companies can more easily create content that drives growth.

Content is how you grow

Every step of your customer journey relies on content: first to attract, then to convert, and finally to retain, expand, and scale. The modern customer experience is a digital experience, and building a meaningful customer experience is next to impossible without timely, relevant content.

But most content management platforms haven’t evolved. Bulky proprietary or all-in-one solutions create unnecessary friction among marketers, developers, creators, and business users—all of whom need an agile solution more than ever.

Agility is everything

It can be difficult to manage content at an enterprise level. Here’s why.

  • Content channels are constantly evolving. These days, content might refer to a single blog article or a multi-channel documentary web series. It’s a challenge to deliver a cohesive experience across every screen and device.
  • Customer expectations are on the rise. You need to deliver a seamless experience everywhere your customer consumes content, and there’s always something new on the horizon. Staying current means always thinking ahead.
  • Content requires collaboration. The best content usually involves multiple contributors, from internal stakeholders like marketing and legal to external creators like contractors and influencers. It’s a lot to manage, and requires tools everyone can use.

The empty promise of DXPs

In recent years, digital experience platforms, or DXPs, have promised to optimize every aspect of your digital customer journey. But these platforms fail to deliver in two ways. Some platforms are bloated, costly, overly restrictive, and difficult to implement. Their one-size-fits-all approach might have worked in the past, but today’s businesses require flexible solutions to deliver authentic content that drives growth.

On the other hand, many midmarket WordPress hosting providers position themselves as a full-service DXP, but lack the enterprise features that today’s businesses require.

The result? DXPs leave teams either overburdened with unnecessary complexity or underserved by a “digital experience platform” that offers little more than web hosting.

The power of an agile CMS

From marketing to development, an agile CMS fits right into your technology stack and your organization. It removes every obstacle to creating content that fuels growth.

Speed to market

Your success depends on your ability to move quickly, regardless of what arises. An agile CMS gives you the ease, flexibility, and freedom to respond to changes in the market so you can get your content in front of your customers.
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Flexible and adaptable

Say farewell to software bloat, lock-ins, and pricey monolithic suites. Craft a digital strategy that actually solves your unique content needs. And discover how quickly you see ROI with an integrated approach to content management.
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Easy workflows

Business moves fast. Your teams need to as well. Customizable workstreams and easy-to-use software keep your design, development, and marketing teams in sync, so they can spend more time delivering on your growth goals.
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Vast ecosystem

Growth requires talent. Choosing a platform built on the world’s most popular CMS means you’ll never again be short on developers. If you’re looking for outside expertise, WordPress VIP’s agency partners can provide everything you need to bring your product vision to life.
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Used by teams across the enterprise

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Editorial
  • Engineering
  • Executive
  • IT
  • Sales

Used by every kind of industry

  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Life sciences
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Media
  • Publishing
  • Nonprofit
  • Manufacturing

Because agile content drives growth.

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