TECKpert Named WordPress VIP Public Sector Agency Partner

Transforming organizations with talent and technology.

We are proud to announce TECKpert as a new WordPress VIP public sector agency partner. A leading tech consulting and IT services firm headquartered in Miami, FL, TECKpert delivers modern, secure, and user-friendly digital experiences to federal, state, and local agencies and their users.

In today’s digital economy, TECKpert understands that success hinges on effectively harnessing both technology and digital talent. It’s no wonder they have established a solid reputation for delivering cutting-edge, tailored solutions that yield tangible outcomes. 

FedRAMP and TECKpert

As a FedRAMP-certified CMS platform, WordPress VIP offers a robust, secure, and scalable solution that aligns with the stringent requirements of federal agencies. This certification enhances TECKpert’s ability to deliver secure and compliant solutions, ensuring the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

TECKpert offers a range of enhanced services to government agencies, including:

  • Website design and development: creating modern, responsive, and accessible websites that meet the unique needs of federal, state, and local agencies.
  • IT staff augmentation: providing skilled IT professionals to support the implementation and management of WordPress VIP solutions.
  • DevSecOps: integrating security practices into the development and operations processes to ensure robust and secure software delivery.
  • Software modernization: upgrading legacy content management systems to WordPress VIP’s modern and secure FedRAMP-certified platform.

Delivering secure digital solutions for the public sector

The partnership with WordPress VIP opens new avenues for collaboration with established contractors and government agencies seeking TECKpert’s expertise in delivering high-quality, secure digital solutions. 

Since 2009, TECKpert has been dedicated to expanding and upgrading its processes and services via continuous improvement, a focus on security, and adherence to industry best practices. 

TECKpert is a certified 8(a) firm by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and holds a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract for SIN 54151S–IT Professional Services. Additionally, TECKpert holds prime contracts with agencies and municipalities throughout the State of Florida, providing agencies with a range of services to bolster the state’s  digital frontline. 

“Joining the WordPress VIP Partner Program marks a significant step forward for TECKpert. This partnership allows us to leverage the power of WordPress VIP’s secure platform to provide government agencies with cutting-edge digital solutions. Our focus remains on delivering exceptional user experiences while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.”

—Adrian Esquivel, CEO, TECKpert 

Learn more about TECKpert’s partnership with WordPress VIP.

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