Hats Off to 10up—Our WordPress VIP 2022 Partner of the Year

Let the digital celebrations begin!

10up, which “makes the web better” by leveraging open source technologies like WordPress and React to “finely craft websites, apps, tools for content creators,” is our WordPress VIP 2022 Partner of the Year! 

As one of WordPress VIP’s longest-tenured partners, 10up understands the carefully-crafted architectures and strategies that drive success on the WordPress VIP platform. And how to deliver exceptional results for customers.

“10up and WordPress VIP have worked arm-in-arm since before WordPress VIP formally established a partnership program to prove that WordPress can more than meet premium client service and quality expectations. It’s difficult to imagine the success WordPress enjoys today in the high-end market without WordPress VIP’s leadership and partnership. More than a decade into this collaboration, I celebrate our recognition as Partner of the Year as a validation of our enduring and shared vision to make open web platforms thrive in the enterprise.”

— Jake Goldman, President & Founder, 10up

Based in Canada, Europe, and the U.S., 10up works with Fortune 500 giants, prestigious higher education institutions, non-profits, and growing digital and brick-and-mortar businesses. With a team of 280+, they offer a range of expert services including digital strategy, project management, audience and revenue strategy, visual and user experience design, engineering, and cloud and systems engineering. 

They pride themselves on being able to “conquer any challenge while still providing personalized service to clients.”

“Since joining WordPress VIP’s inaugural class of partners over a decade ago, we’ve appreciated WordPress VIP’s commitment to 10up’s core values: simplicity, craftsmanship, and openness. Our shared success in 2022 is a testament to the importance of finely crafted digital experiences on today’s web, and we’re eager to continue carrying that mantle alongside the WordPress VIP team in service of our shared customers, new and old.”

— Phil Crumm, SVP Marketing & Growth, 10up

10up: full-service reach

From delivering complex WordPress instances at scale and managing substantial platform migrations, to reimaging user experiences for global brands and creating innovative tools, 10up offers a range of expert services to advance clients’ initiatives:

  • Digital strategy
  • Project management (agile and waterfall)
  • Audience and revenue strategy: SEO, copywriting, ad revenue strategy, digital marketing, analytics, and more
  • User experience design, visual design, and brand strategy
  • Backend web engineering: PHP, Node.js, WordPress, GraphQL, and more
  • Front end web engineering: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WCAG accessibility, React, Next.js, and more
  • Cloud and systems engineering: Amazon Web Services, Azure Hosting, Systems Maintenance, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, and more

Learn more about 10up here

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