Ask the Expert: Benchmarking Your Traffic

Question. What if we stopped focusing so much on traffic, and started focusing on experience? On your site, a visitor should be considered “engaged” if they 1.) Have a browser tab open, and 2.) take an action (scroll, click, mouse-over) at least once every ten seconds.

Watch as Neil Powell, Solutions Engineer at gives you a close look at how measures engaged time differently than other analytics platforms.

In this session you’ll get:

  • Suggested starting points for benchmarking engaged time
  • A look at the benefits of adding content analytics to your CMS and content strategy
  • A live Q&A


Neil Powell, Solutions Engineer,

Neil Powell is a Product Specialist at WordPress VIP representing the company’s analytics offering and providing customers with a 360-degree view of content to tie engagement directly to business goals.

Prior to his current role, Neil was an Associate Director of Unstructured Content at S&P Global within their Market Intelligence division. He was responsible for helping to drive strategy and platform development across S&P’s business news, research, and events analytics offerings. Previously, he spent eight years growing and leading a team of data journalists to create data-driven news and analysis for S&P clients’ daily consumption.

Neil has a B.B.A in Economics from James Madison University.


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