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We’re not likely the first agency you’ve ever worked with. But we might just be your last. We have a track record of helping companies just like yours. When you have serious challenges (like scalability, integration, high availability), you don’t want an agency to learn on the job. That’s why people hire us. We start where others end.


When our clients can’t get the IT attention they need internally, Zeek has demonstrated an ability to be an extension of the organization’s technical resources in order to develop mobile or desktop applications. 


Zeek is a market leader for building websites and applications.

Particularly when it comes to WordPress and using WordPress as a platform for additional web-based applications, Zeek has built best-in-class solutions in a variety of industries. We also help our clients with any of their eCommerce needs.


Whether it’s Salesforce or a social media network, Zeek’s engineers have proven expertise in leveraging a platform’s API to deliver features for our clients. We’ve pulled data in from one platform, only to transform it and deliver it to another.  We’ve also triggered business rules after receiving data in order to transform it before moving it into another system. 


We’ve built both Android and Apple iOS mobile applications, though our specialty is iOS. Zeek has worked with a variety of mobile frameworks to accelerate speed to market.


The reality is that the future of business enablement, from a technology perspective, is not just one of the above competencies. It’s what happens when you bring them all together. Zeek specializes in building business solutions that connect mobile apps to web applications to internal corporate systems.

Let our team connect you with the right partners that meet your needs.

No matter where you are in the planning process, we’re happy to help.