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At Setka, we believe that every piece of content deserves to be beautiful. When a great story is combined with design, its true potential is unlocked.

Quality editorial design creates a quality reading experience—multiple studies prove that visual elements and a thoughtful layout contribute to better engagement, higher shareability, more time on page, positive emotions when reading, and higher content or brand recall.

But after years of working in a complex digital publishing environment, we know how hard creating well-designed content can be day after day, story after story. At the time, we were creating 100+ editorial updates per day and with a team of 70+ in house editors and over 600 editorial freelancers. On top of that, over 900 international brands assigned us with premium native content production.

At a certain point we asked ourselves a question: Do the stories we create always get the presentation they deserve?What if we could find a way to give stories custom design, without requiring a ton of extra time or resources? What if we could bring the elements we all love about print design into the interactive environment of the screens we use today? What if we could give editors and designers creative freedom without compromising the integrity of growing technical infrastructures or efficient editorial processes? To answer all those questions, we created Setka Editor

Setka Editor empowers editorial teams to unlock the true potential of digital design. Our user-friendly WYSIWYG tool puts power in the hands of editors to make stories look beautiful. Reusable post styles and design elements allow designers to keep brand voice and style intact. Yet it remains a controlled, safe, seamlessly-integrated and scalable technology, meaning digital product and technology leaders like it, too. (Learn more on our plugin page.) Plus, we want to work with the tools you’re already using—that’s why Setka Editor is Gutenberg and AMP ready.
We hope Setka Editor can give you a better way to design posts. Try it out today!

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