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Earn revenue by sharing your stories and republishing content from trusted sources – with just a few clicks.

Nordot’s content sharing platform connects publishers seeking to reduce distribution costs and production costs while generating additional revenue.

We are believers in sustainable media and have designed our platform to elevate content that resonates with this philosophy. We are reimagining the way media is created, consumed, and monetized in the 21st Century.

Use the WordPress Content-Curation & Syndication Plugin by Nordot to fulfill your editorial needs and distribution needs quickly and effortlessly for FREE.

The Nordot WordPress Plugin:

As a curator or republisher you can:

  • Access stories from world-class sources with no limit
  • Cover more stories without using your own editorial resources
  • Earn 30.95% share of the net ad revenue

As a content provider or publisher you can:

  • Share your original content for more exposure
  • Safely syndicate your content in a way that is both viral and safe
  • Earn 50.05% share of the net ad revenue

Easy to Use:

Publish and syndicate your stories

Find and republish stories from other publications

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