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Firework for WordPress VIP:
Firework brings short-form contextual video feeds to your websites. Using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, these videos take into account the context of your digital assets and relevance to your audience. Keep your audience engaged, entertained, enlightened and educated. Moreover, Firework videos can bring monetization opportunities for WordPress VIP clients.

Short videos have taken the world by storm! Join the short video era today–increase revenue while improving audience retention.

Firework’s WordPress Plugin, Short Video Gallery, works in conjunction with the Firework Network product. It offers a wide range of curated content categories ready for plug and play on WordPress websites.

Case Studies:
1. The Sports Daily – A popular sports news website saw their organic visitors per week increase 112% from increasing their average visitor duration in the first 30 days of integrating our Short Video Gallery feed

2. Kyuzitsu-Inubu – A popular Japanese pet blog saw a 129% increase in its desktop visitor duration time, leading to a better SEO and an increase of 145% in organic traffic 30 days after installing the Short Video Gallery feed.

About Firework:
Firework is a short format video stories platform based in Silicon Valley. The platform has created an ecosystem of brands, publishers and content partners that is driving infinite storytelling capabilities in 30-second videos. The platform is powered by a 3 step moderation system that includes AI, ML and human intervention that filters out any content that may not be suitable for the audience. This moderation also makes Firework a completely brand-safe platform. Firework is available as an app in the iOS Store, Google App Store and as an open web solution on various other partner platforms.

Firework Feed Layouts:

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