Better, smarter together: WPVIP welcomes, leading analytics platform

Today I am pleased to announce WPVIP is acquiring, a leading content analytics platform, to provide enterprises with content analytics that integrate seamlessly across our commerce and content offerings.

At WPVIP, we’re focused on helping our customers grow their businesses through the power of our agile content platform. Too often, enterprise software solutions are at odds with the simplicity and flexibility content creators need to meet their objectives.

Large companies don’t need to make that trade-off anymore. With, we will offer extensive visibility into the business impact of content.

In recent years, WPVIP has expanded beyond our media and publishing roots to focus on empowering the world’s largest brands to build meaningful customer experiences through content. We believe content has this very unique power to drive enterprise growth.

One of our customers says it well:

“Content is modern marketing and now content is everyone’s job.”

This concept gets us excited when we think about our own business. When it comes to creating and delivering content, no one does it better than WPVIP.


Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to see firsthand the impact of’s content analytics platform. isn’t simply capturing traditional traffic analytics. Instead, the platform goes deeper—revealing exactly how individual content pieces are impacting traffic in real-time. The upshot for content marketers? Rich reporting with detailed insights into the business impact of their content.

With, the workflows that WPVIP customers use every day will surface insights that move beyond page views and visits. For example, commerce brands will understand which content converts visitors into buyers. They will also be able to deliver content recommendations for top-performing products.

Together, WPVIP and will provide the analytics platform that drives rich content and commerce experiences at scale for WPVIP customers.

In my conversations with’s founders Sachin Kamdar and Andrew Montalenti, it’s been striking how aligned we are across our values, our sense of the market opportunity, our passion for the open web, and our commitment to help enterprises leverage the power of content for business growth.

“We’ve always had a deep admiration for WPVIP as the gold standard for enterprise content teams, and we’re thrilled to join together. From the culture and people, to the product, market, and vision, we’re in lockstep to create more value for our customers. This powerful combination of content and intelligence will push the industry forward at an accelerated pace.”

Sachin Kamdar, CEO,

What Comes Next for WPVIP +

I’m so energized about the future of WPVIP and as combined forces.

To’s customers and team, welcome! I want you to know we’re excited to invest more deeply in the content analytics platform you know and love.

If you’re using WordPress with, get even more excited as we have plans to enrich the experience for all WordPress users.

And if you’re a WPVIP customer, expect even more as we leverage our scale to bring more content insights to our customers.

If you have any questions about how WPVIP + can help you deliver meaningful customer experiences, please get in touch.

Celebrating The 360 Blog, a new milestone from Salesforce and WordPress VIP

Today we are thrilled to celebrate a milestone in Salesforce’s digital transformation journey: the launch of The 360 Blog, powered by WordPress VIP.

As Salesforce’s Vice President of Content Marketing, Hayley Nelson, explained in our conversation earlier this year, Salesforce is on a mission to tell impactful stories that provide customers with relevant, timely information to confront the challenges keeping them up at night.

Agility is key to creating a valuable customer experience

With content at the heart of their customer experience, Salesforce knew they needed a CMS agile enough to empower them to respond quickly to changes in the market. When COVID-19 hit, for example, the content marketing team rallied to create the Leading Through Change series—to deliver helpful guidance to business leaders navigating the unknown.

“Unfortunately, our legacy publishing systems were not as flexible as we were, and it took weeks, not days to create the key pages we needed to house our new initiative,” wrote Hayley in her post introducing the new blog. “We’re optimistic this kind of pivot will go differently in the future.”

Usable software provides both flexibility and control

Hayley also needed a CMS that could ensure Salesforce’s marketing team—over 1,000 strong—could deliver a consistent customer experience across all their channels. The intuitive WordPress editorial interface makes it easy for large teams to build exactly what they need while adhering to a cohesive design system.

“With WordPress’s drag-and-drop modules and a full range of options for multimedia embeds, we’ll have greater flexibility to customize the presentation of our stories,” Hayley wrote.

“We are also now poised to efficiently deliver content to our global community in multiple languages, and soon we’ll scale this infrastructure and design system to nearly 20 markets around the world.”

A next-generation digital experience

Behind the scenes, WordPress VIP and our agency partner 10up worked hand-in-hand with Salesforce’s team to build, migrate, and deploy this new digital experience on the VIP Cloud. The project builds on the success of other launches on our platform including the Salesforce Newsroom and is a key demonstration of the agility that WordPress VIP provides. Core to our mission is to empower customers like Salesforce to focus less on infrastructure and more on delivering a valuable customer experience.

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the most transformational companies of our time and we are pleased to partner with them as they bring their next-generation digital experience platform to life. Stay tuned.

Blazing new trails with Salesforce

Salesforce and WordPress VIP share many things in common. For one thing, we’re both market leaders in software technology that brings greater agility to enterprises the world over.

More importantly, though, we align on shared values. These values include equality, sustainability, the future of work, and the ethical use of technology.

Last year, Salesforce invested $300M in WordPress VIP’s parent company, Automattic — in large part because of our complementary vision and values. As Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, explained at the time, “This investment represents a tremendous vote of confidence for Automattic and for the open web.”

We believe Salesforce and WordPress VIP have a unique opportunity to meet the deeper needs of enterprise leaders by combining our strengths (and our technologies) in powerful ways. Which is why I’m delighted to announce a project we’ve been developing together: the launch of the new season of the “Blazing Trails” podcast.

Quote from Tim Cook's Blazing Trails episode. He says, "I think if you could flip a switch and only do one thing..."

This ten-part series reboots the “Blazing Trails” podcast produced by Salesforce Studios. Each episode recaps and shares insights from some of the best conversations at Dreamforce 2019.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world with more than 170,000 registered attendees. Its speakers include some of the smartest leaders in business, tech, sports, entertainment, healthcare, and other fields.

In this podcast, you will get key insights on how these trailblazers view leadership, prioritize trust, pursue innovation, and find balance in their lives.

Plus, in each episode, you’ll hear me share some candid thoughts on topics like the future of work, digital transformation, and more.

A few of my favorite conversations so far include:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook on the importance of focusing not only on making the best products but on enriching people’s lives
  • Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington on the micro-steps we can all take to find balance and mindfulness
  • Bay Area chefs Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn on the inequalities in our food systems

Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get the latest episode directly in your podcast player of choice. Get more details and find the link to subscribe on the WordPress VIP-powered site:

And stay tuned for future collaborations between Salesforce and WordPress VIP. We’re very excited about what’s in store.

Disrupting the Enterprise: Notes from WCUS 2019

This post shares video and key takeaways from WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert’s talk at WordCamp US in St. Louis on November 1, 2019.

Right now, the opportunity at the high end of the market is as big–if not bigger–than any other opportunity for WordPress. Depending on which reports you read, we’re competing in a $10B market that’s growing 18% annually.

However, there’s a disconnect between the demonstrated success of WordPress in the enterprise, and the market’s perception of its capabilities. So let’s celebrate what has already been accomplished in enterprise WordPress, and consider how we can realize the full potential of WordPress for these complex customers into the future.

The unique needs of enterprise users

For me, enterprise needs fall into 4 core areas: agility, ownership, flexibility, and simplicity.


Agility is the single largest competitive advantage WordPress sees over other platforms. As pressure to deliver increases within organizations, the agility of the tools required to do the job becomes even more important.

Case study: Capgemini

VIP and Human Made’s work with Capgemini, the global technology consultancy, demonstrates this perfectly. Capgemini suffered many chokepoints with their previous platform: small changes required days of lead time, a handful of people in an organization of 200K understood how the platform worked, and people were spinning up their own platforms, which created a governance nightmare.

As pressure to deliver increases within organizations, the agility of the tools required to do the job becomes even more important.

By migrating to WordPress, Capgemini eliminated licensing worries and gained access to thousands of pre-built integrations. Removing their bottlenecks helped Capgemini increase productivity and improve results. In specific terms, 1400 users across 38 sites in 10 different languages are now contributing to 20K+ pages. That agility truly differentiates the platform from other solutions.


Ownership means many things in the enterprise: Ownership of product. Of customer journeys, of data, of future business needs. In an enterprise context, most software comes from closed, opaque systems commonly associated with strict vendor lock-in. With content sitting at the core of so many customer experiences, ownership (and also transparency) are critical to long term success.


The flexibility inherent to WordPress is what has allowed it to see its 16th birthday and will enable it to see many many more. If enterprises want decoupled architectures today, we can do that. We can also say with confidence that the platform will evolve to serve their future product roadmap, thanks to the inherent flexibility of the platform.

This flexibility is what empowers WordPress to serve both the monolithic model of delivering web pages, but also COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) approaches to content, which rely upon API-driven applications serving components.

The new block editor has been the single-most exciting development since the custom post type and this is validated in the response we’re seeing from enterprises.

Case study: News Corp
WordPress forms the core of News Corp’s global publishing operation. There are some really interesting ways Big Bite is working with News Corp to tailor the block editor to their needs, for publishing workflows and ultimately site management.

The new block editor has been the single-most exciting development for me since the custom post type and this is validated in the response we’re seeing from enterprises. Layering onto that the future promise of full site management only continues to make things more interesting.


WordPress makes the complex simple. In fact, WordPress’s success in the enterprise to date is rooted in the fact that it’s not enterprise software. It’s the software people used because it made them better at their job.

The UI of WordPress is one of the most tested anywhere in software. There are readymade models for those extending WordPress, so organizations spend more time solving business challenges and less time refining UIs. As with Capgemini, the more accessible things are, the more folks will actually use the software and spend their time driving results.

Case study: Hachette Book Group
It’s simplicity that allows Hachette Book Group to empower marketing teams across their organization. They use WordPress to manage a site with thousands of titles, authors, and imprints. That’s in addition to a catalog of books that grows by 1,700 or so each year. Choosing WordPress has allowed their digital teams to focus less on marketing activities and more on analysis and optimization. Folks at Alley were critical to simplifying their processes and integrating other external systems into the rollout.

Paving the way for continued growth

When the web changes, it starts with WordPress. If you want to influence adoption, you do it with the platform that powers over one-third of the web. Digging deeper, the sustainability of WordPress’s current success in the enterprise, and the potential of future growth, is rooted in two core concepts:

  • We must always keep in mind the experience of the user. The user-centric nature of WordPress and this community is exactly what has carried it to the usage we see today. It is our greatest asset when advocating for the potential of WordPress with the world’s most demanding users.
  • We must demonstrate empathy for our user’s customer. If we demonstrate WordPress also understands what the success of that user’s customers looks like, we will ensure enterprise adoption of WordPress continues to grow.

The ubiquity, agility, ownership, flexibility, and simplicity inherent to WordPress is powerful to the large organizations that rely on this platform. I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for these forward-thinking applications of enterprise WordPress. VIP Invests in The News Project

At VIP, we’ve worked closely with journalists since the very beginning of our service. From our earliest clients, news organizations were an integral part of WordPress’s growth from an open-source blogging platform to a technology that now powers more than 32% of all sites on the web.

Since that time, VIP has grown into an enterprise publishing platform that now boasts a customer list including some of the biggest news organizations in the world — CBS,, and News Corp., to name a few — to global brands like Microsoft, Airbnb, Capgemini, and Capital One.

But in this difficult business climate for news organizations, we want to double down on our commitment to journalism and a free (and sustainable) press. Today VIP is announcing that it has made a significant investment in The News Project, a new WordPress-based platform founded by Merrill Brown, the veteran digital news executive who helped launch

In addition to VIP’s financial investment, The News Project will be powered by VIP’s platform, with a goal of serving medium-sized digital news organizations around the world. You can read more about TNP’s vision here.

Along with VIP’s existing platform for large publishers and brands, Automattic’s funding of the new Newspack initiative with Google and other partners (announced yesterday), our own in-house media properties Longreads and The Atavist (bringing the best narrative storytelling to WordPress), and even the individual work of reporters like 12-year-old Hilde Lysiak, we are deeply committed to the sustainability of news organizations, large and small, around the world.  

We’re thrilled to work with Merrill and his team on this shared vision. For more information, go to

2016 VIP Workshop – Session Update

We are closing in on the registration for this year’s VIP Workshop. Have you registered yet? If not, please find our helpful button below…


If you’re new to the VIP Workshop, our team hosts the premier event focused on the needs of enterprise WordPress users. We provide content for both engineers as well as business and product leads with the goal of providing the most well-rounded, relevant program possible.

For the Developer track…

  • a double-session covering WP-API, including using it on;
  • a content syndication roundtable that will feature clients’ and partners’ perspectives;
  • a review of automated testing strategies tailored to working with our platform;
  • a session dedicated to managing large networks of sites and the challenges that this presents; and
  • a review of some of the significant outages we’ve dealt with, the lessons learned, and how these can be prevented.

For the Business track…

  • Exponential Results with Small Teams – Time is our most precious resource. We should constantly spend resources to recapture it so we can put it back to work elsewhere.
  • The Product Game – Teamwork, decision-making, and change management.
  • Making the Most of Your Data – Using anonymous user data to keep people on your site today and in the future.
  • The Convergence of Content, Design, and Technology – The evolution from a channel-based approach to one that aligns and connects multiple capabilities to achieve its core objectives and enable innovation.
  • Net Neutrality – A leading voice on this subject will take us through some history as well as a look ahead.
  • Emerging Market Internet – Emerging market internet is the last blue ocean of users, but how do you optimize for their slow speeds and small screens?

We are incredibly excited for what we know will be the best VIP Workshop yet. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now before it’s too late!


Announcing the 2016 VIP Workshop


May 9-12, 2016 @ The Carneros Inn

We are excited to announce the next installment of the VIP Workshop! As the leading provider of enterprise WordPress solutions, VIP provides the premier event focused on the needs of enterprise WordPress users. In our 5th year of the VIP Workshop we’re adding sessions for product owners in addition to our developer sessions. Also new to this year – a Best of VIP showcase where we recognize the best of your work over the past year (stay tuned for when we open the request for entries).


The VIP Workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn from the VIP team in person, as well as exchange ideas and experiences with other VIP clients and partners through networking lunches and dinners, in-depth curriculum and exercises, and focused, collaborative conversations.

A quick peek at the itinerary – details & agenda will be continually updated on the VIP Workshop page.

  • Monday, May 9th — Arrival Day. Check-in, special guest keynote and welcome dinner.
  • Tuesday, May 10th — In depth business and engineering sessions.
  • Wednesday, May 11th — In-depth product sessions and hands-on development workshops. We’ll wrap the day up with the Best of VIP showcase!
  • Thursday, May 12th — Departure Day.

Space is limited for this event, so register now and take advantage of early bird pricing! Early bird pricing is $3,500 each until March 15. After which, the full participant price will raise to $4,000.

Images by CM Howard from the 2015 Automattic WordPress developer summit at the Carneros Inn in Napa, CA

Images by CM Howard from the 2015 Automattic WordPress developer summit at the Carneros Inn in Napa, CA

Upvoted – a Redditorial publication – launches on VIP!

We all know Reddit – the online community where users vote on content. Today, we on the VIP team are excited to be part of a new chapter in Reddit history as they launch a hub for that original content, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, explains a bit more about what Upvoted is for the Reddit community…

This launch of is the next logical step in celebrating the Reddit community: a hub for original content to give Redditors credit, as well as go beyond the original story to learn more about the people and ideas that bubble up across this site of 202 million monthly users (bigger than Brazil!). And of course, you can discuss every piece of original content at r/upvoted.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.42.34 PM

Read more about the launch on Upvoted!

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