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Oasis Workflow is a workflow management plugin that empowers content developers and publishers to organize and streamline their entire content publication process. It enhances the process with seamless, real-time collaboration across key stakeholders with full flexibility and traceability. It enables users to manage, annotate and visualize content anytime, anywhere and on any supported device.


  • Drag and drop workflow builder.
  • Process History keeps track of who did what, and when they did it.
  • Zero downtime for your published articles. Use review workflows to update published content.
  • Role-based routing definitions allow you to assign tasks dynamically.
  • Custom statuses, notifications, and reminders simplify communication and collaboration between cross-functional teams.
  • Users work within WordPress and do not have to sign into a separate application to review content.
  • Available add-ons include: Editorial comments, checklists, and calendars to make collaboration simple.

Whether you are a solo blogger or multi-author content editor on your WordPress site, you will always need to take certain steps to publish your content. This publication process can quickly get complex when dealing with large volumes. You are not just creating the content but also managing lots of cross functional collaboration and communication. It becomes difficult to execute and delays happen in every stage of the process, adding more rework and frustration. At the same time, you are always at the risk of publishing error prone content.

Oasis Workflow provides an easy to use intuitive workflow designer to quickly design, automate and optimize the editorial review workflows to author and approve the content so you can publish quality content right at the first time. Any changes and sign offs are automatically notified and tracked, so you and your team can focus on content creation instead of managing the communication and juggling through multiple tools. You can establish best practices with right checks and balances at every stage of the process and gain real-time insights into who is doing what, where and when.

Clearly, optimizing your processes and achieving operational efficiencies has to be your ultimate goal as it directly relates to saving time and money. At the same time, well-qualified content published on your website will always guarantee sustaining your current visitors, encouraging them to comment & share and attracting many more – building a strong sustainable brand.

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