Guidebook: A new launch process (invitation only)


1. Click the blue “Launch this site” button #

When the site is ready to be launched, click on “Launch this site” on the left hand side of the application‘s VIP Dashboard.

This will begin the flow for the final launch steps, detailed below.

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2. Add production domain #

If the production domain was not added pre-launch, it can be added by clicking on “Launch this site” on the left hand side of the application‘s VIP Dashboard. If your production domain has been previously set, you will see a prompt to continue to the next step.

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3. Set the primary domain #

Using the VIP Dashboard, switch the convenience domain used during development to your production domain.

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4. DNS Changes #

With the TTL lowered, the production domain can now be pointed to VIP at your domain provider.

If the domain’s DNS is hosted with VIP, the DNS changes will have been made three business days prior to launch and the next button can be clicked to continue on to SSL provisioning.

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5. Provision SSL #

After the DNS has propagated, HTTPS everywhere is automatically turned on and the option to set HSTS will be made available. When using VIP’s default TLS option, Let’s Encrypt, HTTPS is automatically set everywhere. If the site requires HSTS headers, this can be activated during the SSL provisioning process as well.

To maximize site security, VIP recommends activating HSTS headers on the site.

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Testing your site #

After the site is launched and showing at the correct production domain, VIP recommends to start testing both the back-end and front-end of the production site, for quality assurance. A list of recommended areas to test can be found in the documentation detailed below.

During this time, you may also want to check your New Relic subaccount to monitor for any performance changes during launch.

If all QA checks pass, launching with VIP is now complete.


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